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7 Sustainable Lifestyle Changes to Implement Today

In the last few months I have become much more aware of the waste that my lifestyle produces. I have had so much fun looking into all the different products that I use daily that can be replaced to be more sustainable. I thought it would be fun to share a few ways that I am shifting towards a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce my carbon footprint.

Here are some easy changes to implement to live a sustainable lifestyle

Here are some products that I have switched over to or plan to in the coming weeks to create a more sustainable lifestyle.

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1. Reusable Cotton Pads

These reusable cotton pads were one of the first changes I thought to make. Every night when I am getting ready for bed, I would reach for a cotton ball or pad to take my makeup off. A friend of mine posted on her Instagram story that she was switching over to these reusable cotton pads and I knew I had to get my hands of them. They are extremely affordable ($10 for 16) and are equivalent to using 2000 disposable cotton pads. This has been the easiest switch to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

2. Silicone Reusable Baggies

Reusable ziplock baggies have been on my radar for quite some time now. I realized how many baggies we were going through in my apartment when we had 4 boxes, all with different sizes. I haven’t pulled the trigger on these just yet because I personally don’t use baggies that much as it is. These are a little bit more of an investment. Especially when you consider how much a box of 50 plastic baggies is. I know this will be a huge step in having a more sustainable lifestyle. I plan on purchasing a variety pack since I never need just one size.

 3. Menstrual Cup

I have been considering switching to a menstrual cup to become more sustainable for at least a year now. At first I debated between switching to a menstrual cup or just finding a more natural brand of tampons. However, after hearing about how tampons are ending up in the ocean and killing sea creatures, I knew I needed to make this switch. This is a change that is going to take some getting used. I have done a TON of research on menstrual cups and even went ahead and purchased one. I can do a full review on it (if you’re interested) once I have gotten used to using it and formed my entire opinion around it. In the mean time, if you are interested in being more sustainable on your period, I took this quiz to find the perfect fit and ended up buying the Lena.

 4. Tumbler Cups

I have been using tumbler cups for a few years now and literally can’t go anywhere without it. I find that it is so much easier to get my daily water in when I have a straw to sip out of. It is also insane for me to think about how many plastic water bottles I would be going through daily if I didn’t use my cup. If you haven’t already, switch over to a reusable cup to start living a more sustainable lifestyle!

5. Reusable Straws

There has been a ton of hype around reusable straws, especially when it comes to restaurants. Some places have even gone as far as no longer offering straws (PRAISE). My reusable cup came with a straw which has been nice but I found this super cool collapsable straw to keep in my purse for when I’m out at restaurants.

6. Grocery & Produce Bags

California stopped providing plastic grocery bags for free a few years ago. I think this is such a great step to help people live a more sustainable lifestyle, but I would love to see more states get rid of bags completely. One easy way to reduce plastic usage is to buy some reusable fabric grocery and produce bags. I keep some in my trunk at all times for easy access when I head to the store.


7. Paper Towels

We blow through paper towels in my apartment. I find myself grabbing one for everything: drying my hands, cleaning up messes, ect. When I found out that there were such thing as reusable paper towels, my mind was blown. I haven’t purchased these, and I can’t say that I am entirely sold yet, but I think it is a good alternative. One roll replaces up to 6 months of paper towels. The only catch that I can think of is that they don’t reattach after they have been taken apart.

I understand that there are many other ways to have a more sustainable lifestyle. So far my focus has been on replacing disposable products that I use almost daily. I plan to continue to do my research and incorporate more sustainable living habits to reduce my carbon footprint. If you have any tips or suggestions for me, I would love to see them in the comments!


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