Hey Friend!

Welcome to Basically Becca Sue, a resource to help you navigate this whole adulting thing while living up to your fullest potential (with the help of God, of course).

My hope is to help you get organized, learn practical tips for surviving the real world, and cultivate the most important relationships in your life.

Consider me your new Fairy-Grad Mother as I guide you through life’s twists and turns with a little sarcasm and a whole lotta Jesus.

simplifying adulthood for the college gal

Meet Becca!

  • I love Jesus with my whole heart
  • I am a BIG planner and recovering perfectionist
  • I love browsing Target for #AllTheThings
  • I like to keep things to the point, which makes me pretty blunt. But it’s out of love of course
  • I am a crazy dog mom & my toy aussie, Benji, is practically my whole world

How it all started…

Basically Becca Sue started my sophomore year of college when I felt totally lost and confused on how to do this whole adulting thing. I had just transferred school, changed my major, and moved across the country & still felt like I knew nothing. I figured if I was feeling this overwhelmed others were too. So I started sharing all the lessons I was learning along the way!

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