Product Review: Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask

Before I start, I should say that the Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask is definitely not for everyone. If you have sensitive skin I would suggest a less abrasive mask or using it for much less time. But If you have been looking for a heavy duty face mask and have had no luck, look no further!

 Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask Packaging

I was skeptical about this face mask at first. I thought the idea of it hardening on my face was weird. After my first try, I wasn’t convinced it was for me. It wasn’t until I developed cystic acne my sophomore year of college that I became more fond of this product.

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Type of Skin

Although this product does not explicitly state that it is best for a certain skin type, the label “world’s most powerful facial” was assigned to it for a reason. If you have sensitive skin, I don’t recommend this product. If you still want to try it even after this warning, do so carefully. See the label for instructions for sensitive skin. This mask is strong!

The Process

Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask Review Supplies


The mask comes as a powder packed in a plastic jar. I had never mixed my own mask before and thought it was weird. The directions say you can use water or apple cider vinegar, though I have only tried the water. You are directed to mix equal parts podwer and liquid to create a smooth paste. Once all of the clumps are gone, it is time to apply.

Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask PowderAztec Secret Indian Clay Mask powder and waterMixing Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask

The mask is to be applied 1/4 of an inch thick. I have never actually measured while applying the Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask though. However, I have found that I like my mask to be on the thicker side. To make this easier, I use slightly less water so the paste is thicker. Application can be done with your hands or a clean makeup brush (I use a concealer brush). Decide whether you want to apply to your entire face or a specific problem area. If you choose to apply to your entire face, avoid eyes and mouth.

Applying Aztec Secret Indian Clay MaskApplying Aztec Secret Indian Clay MaskCompletely applied Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask

TIP: Use warm water so the mask is not as cold during application.


After application, the mask begins to harden. As time passes, your face will become stiff and you will feel it pulsate. The longer you leave it on for the more it stiffens. The label suggests 5-10 minutes for sensitive skin and 15-20 for normal skin. I typically do 15 minutes or wait until it is mostly/completely dry. It is important not to go over 20 minutes as your face will become extremely red afterwards.

waiting for Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask

TIP: To pass time wash all of your supplies. The longer you wait to do this the harder it is to get them clean.

Washing the Mask Off

To wash the mask off, use a soft wash cloth and warm water. I like to start by wetting the washcloth and holding it to my face to wet the entire mask. Once I have softened the mask again, I begin to wipe. Rinse the cloth after each wipe and continue until the mask is completely off.

Washing off Aztec Secret Indian Clay Maskwashing off my Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask


Your face will most likely be red afterwards. I don’t know the reasoning behind this other than that it is the “world’s most intense facial.” After using the Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask I typically use a gentle moisturizer to hydrate my skin. If you do this mask at night, do not be alarmed if you wake up with a few pimples in the morning. The mask draws all the impurities out of your skin. Although it is an unfortunate result, it will be gone in a few days and you will be left with beautifully smooth and shining skin.

Final Thoughts

As I said in the beginning, it took me many uses before I liked this face mask but now it is all I ever use. I will admit that the washing off process is painful no matter how many times I have done it. On Amazon you can get one pound containers that last you at least a year. It sells for about nine dollars which is nothing if you are used to buying countless other face masks for your usual skin care routine.

After I get done using this product, my face feels softer than ever and I feel amazing. You can visibly see less blackheads and impurities immediately after it is washed off. I did notice the last time I did the mask that my face was a little dry. After using some of my favorite moisturizer, I immediately felt better. I love the Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask and I hope you will too!

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