5 Basic Adulting Skills Every Young Adult Needs

Being an adult can be so hard. Especially navigating new things that you weren’t taught before being released into the real world. The truth is that no one reallllyyy knows exactly what they are doing. However, there are a few basic adulting skills that you need to know to help navigate this confusing time.

This pos is all about the basic adulting skills you need to learn asap.

There are 5 basic categories that the majority of adulting skills fall under. Below, you will find the categories with some examples of specific skills in each one.

the 5 most basic adulting skills

1. How to Cook for Yourself

Cooking is a super helpful skill for a bunch of reasons. Most of the time, when someone moves out of their parent’s house they turn to frozen meals and fast food to feed themselves. Learning how to cook allows you to eat healthier and save money on food. Plus if gives you so many more options for your weekly menu.

Skills needed for cooking:

2. How to Manage Your Money

Money is the number one stressor for young adults. It also happens to be the biggest topic that people avoid talking about. To live on your own, you have to have a basic understanding of how to manage your money since you need money for literally everything. It’s easy to spend your money on all the things you want without considering other financial obligations you have *cough cough bills*

Skills needed to manage your money:

3. How to Prioritize Health & Wellness

As an adult, your well-being is no longer the responsibility of your parents. You have to start learning how to understand your body’s signals for certain things, create healthy habits, prioritize quality sleep, manage stress, and so much more. It might seem overwhelming but having basic understanding of these things will benefit your health overall.

Skills needed to prioritize your health

  • create morning and evening routines
  • understand your moods/feelings
  • create an exercise plan

4. How to Navigate Relationships

Relationships can include any interaction you have on a daily basis. This means you have to navigate working relationships, friendships, and romantic relationships. Adult relationships require you to get creative and put yourself in different situations to meet new people.

Skills needed for relationships

  • setting boundaries
  • communication
  • networking
  • listening

5. How to Maintain a Home or Apartment

Apart from the fact that you actually have to find an apartment, it’s now your job to maintain it as well. When you’re a kid, you wish your parents would stop hounding you about cleaning your room. When you’re an adult, you wish someone would help you keep it clean. But maintaining a home is so much more than keeping it clean – do you have it stocked with the essentials? Is the maintenance up to date? While it may seem overwhelming, there are all great skills to have.

Skills for maintaining an apartment

This post was all about the basic adulting skills you need to learn as a young adult.

What is the hardest part of adulting that you’ve experienced? Let me know in the comments!

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