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Bedroom Decor Finds For The Broke College Girl’s First Apartment

It has officially been a week and a half since I have packed up all my stuff and moved into my first apartment! Since then, I have faced lost luggage, snow, and negative temperatures. I have also finally finished unpacking all my belongings. Now, I am ready to slowly start decorating!!! I thought it would be fun to share some bedroom decor finds that I either already have or plan to get for my first apartment!

Check out these basic bedroom decor finds for the broke college girl's first apartment!

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My Bedroom Decor Finds

//grey duvet cover// Currently, I have a lighter grey duvet cover from target but it isn’t the softest texture and lint and fuzz clings to it like no other. I plan to upgrade to this duvet in the future.

//marble candle// I like this candle because it adds a nice little accent to the bedroom decor without being over the top or breaking the bank. At first I was drawn to the blush/marble combo for my bedroom decor but I soon realized I would not be able to afford all the marble decor I wanted and figured a few accent pieces would be a more affordable choice.

//aqua sheets// I currently have the Room Essentials Microfiber sheets from Target and am content with them. They are not my absolute favorite sheets ever but they are pretty soft. The only complaint I have about them is that they are a little big for my bed. Again, not complaining too much because I got them for under $20 which is great for this broke college girl!

//fairy lights// I think these fairy lights will add some personality to my room. This pack comes with two sets of battery operated lights for under $20! Lights give the room a very homey feel and since they are battery operated you don’t have to worry about running up the electricity bill since we’re on that college kid budget 😉

//felt letter board// This is just a fun little addition that is very on trend right now. There are so many color options and you can write whatever you are in the mood for!

//throw blanket// Doesn’t this blanket just give you all the cozy feels?! It is currently 9 degrees outside and I am wishing I already had this blanket to wrap around me. It comes in two different sizes and both are under $30! What a deal!!

//wax melter// Any sort of scented decor is right up my alley. I feel like candles and wax melters instantly make any room more cozy. The thing I love about the wax melter is that you can change the scent as much as you want.

//cube organizer// I had one of these when I was living at my mom’s house and let me just tell you! I didn’t realize how handy they were until I didn’t have one. They are the perfect solution for storing a bunch of junk and not letting anyone else know. You can decorate the shelves or fill them with colored bins that hide everything that doesn’t have a home! This is a perfect bedroom decor piece that doubles as storage.

//fabric bins// I love that these bins come in all different colors and patterns. It makes it easy to match your bedroom decor and you can get them for as cheap as $3! I swear by these things and will be buying some ASAP to hide all the things. Take my word, you need these in your life.

I know that as college kids we want to have the homes that are #pinterestgoals but have to find ways to do it on a broke girl budget. Let me know in the comments what your ride or die decor piece is in your room or any of your dream pieces.








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  1. I’m loving this aesthetic! I am looking to switch up my room’s decor soon, so this is great inspiration. Aqua and white are always a good combo. Thanks for sharing!

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