Bubble Baths: Why Everyone Should Take Them

bubble baths everyone should take

I must admit, I have very mixed feelings about bubble baths. On one hand they are soooooo relaxing but they also don’t seem as clean as showers do to me. That’s why when I do choose to take a bath, I always take a quick shower before and after (rinsing off to ensure cleanliness).

As a kid I always loved baths. I would take them every chance I got. With or without bubbles, I was a happy camper. I even had colored bath foam that I would use to draw pictures on the walls of the tub. As I grew up, baths became much more unappreciated until recently when I rediscovered their magical powers. Although I don’t have the colored foam or the toys anymore, my new found love for bubble baths is just as good.

Why Should You Take Baths?

A bubble bath can serve many purposes, all to the benefit of the bather. Whether you are an athlete with sore muscles, a college student with a lot of stress, or someone suffering from a cold, there is a solution! There are many studies that show a correlation between health and baths like this one. Some benefits include increased blood circulation, skin moisturizing (only if the water is not too hot), and stress and pain relief. There are many other reasons that baths are beneficial as well (but do you really even need a reason to take a bath??)

Whether you are taking a bath to get relief from joint pains or a stuffy nose here are some tips to optimize your bath taking experience! I feel as though I have done enough convincing by now (without being too scientific about baths since I am no expert) to get everyone to take baths for one reason or another. With that being said, to reap these benefits, you must know how to make your bath experience better.

How to Create Perfect Baths

The benefits you are hoping to reap from the bath will depend on how you create your perfect bath. Before I get into how to make the perfect bath for your situation, there are some basic steps I should recommend.

Water Temperature

Water temperature can make or break your experience. It is really a matter of preference whether you want a warmer or cooler bath but the general recommendation is on the warmer side. The magic number is 92 degrees Fahrenheit but hotter temperatures are just as good. I would recommend keeping the temperature between 92-100 and always testing the water before you get in! The reason extremely hot water is not recommended is because it dries out your skin.

TIP: if you do plan to take hotter baths (I know I do), make sure you moisturize with your favorite lotion immediately following your bath!

Setting the Mood

Depending on the type of bath you are going for will depend on mood you are trying to set. Despite the circumstances you want your bath experience to be as relaxing as possible. To do this, I recommend trying to have as much natural light as possible. If you are taking a mid-day bath, consider using the light from a window rather than the overhead light of the bathroom. If you are lucky enough to have the lights that adjust brightness installed in your home then choose the setting of your liking. You may even consider a bath with minimal lighting. If this is the case, I would opt for some candles!

TIP: Choose your favorite scented candle for even more relaxation!


Perfect Bath

Another aspect of setting the mood is music! Music is completely optional and depends on your reason for bathing. If you plan to read a nice book, I would recommend vetoing the music for this bath session (there are always more!)

Here is a playlist I made my baths!


Have a Refreshing Drink

Odds are your steamy bath will make you thirsty. Having a drink next to the tub is a great solution! Again your beverage of choice may depend on your reason for taking a bath. If you are using your bath as an excuse for alone time (not that you need an excuse) then maybe you’ll consider having a glass of wine. If you are an athlete trying to recover from muscle soreness, you may consider a hydrating drink. Despite your reasoning, a beverage of your choice is important.

TIP: Consider having a glass of cold water with whatever drink you choose to combat dehydration afterwards!

Picking Materials for Baths

This may be the most important part of your bath experience. At this point, you should also consider your reason for the bath. Below are some options for supplies for your bath to go along with the occasion!


This is my favorite part. It doesn’t matter to me if I am taking a bath for stress, sickness, or fun. I always have bubbles. If I am opting for only bubbles then I typically choose a scented soap that moisturizes my skin as well.

TIP: If you are on a budget (like I am), I recommend a generic store brand soap for your bubble bath. The benefits of the body wash are the same and you can save a few bucks! Plus they have some good scents to choose from.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great addition to any bath. There are many uses for them and with the endless combination options, you’ll be sure to find one that you love! Here are some oils/ combinations that I looooveeeeee!

Tea Tree Oil: Great for problem acne and smells amazing!

Eucalyptus & Mint: This combo is great for stress relief as well as clearing the sinuses (WIN WIN)

Lavender: This is a great calming and relaxing agent. It is perfect alone or in combinations! Choose your favorite scent and benefit from them both! Add Chamomile to this and have a perfect recipe for sleep.

TIP: Put the oils in when the bath is filled halfway, this will help them disperse throughout the entire bath!

Bath Salts

Bath Salts add a lot to baths! Epson salts used to be my favorite after a tough weekend of soccer. They are great for muscle recovery and aches all over! Add as much or as little as you want. There are also many other bath salt options. Stores like Target sell all different kinds that offer different benefits such as energy, moisturizing, and sleep. All great options!

Bath Bombs

It is amazing to me how many variations of these there are now. You can find them in every shape and color. Though most of them are just for fun, you can find them for things such as relaxation, muscle recovery and stress relief.

bath bombs

Extra Things to Keep in Mind

The recommended time for the perfect bath is 15-30 minutes (or whenever the water gets cold). Once you are done taking your perfect bath be sure to keep the relaxation going! Take a few extra minutes drying off and be sure to moisturize with your favorite lotion. Wrap yourself in a cozy robe and sit on the couch or lay on your bed for a few minutes. Do whatever makes you happiest.

Wear a fuzzy robe after a bath

So it looks like there actually is an answer to all your problems…

Take Bubble Baths!


How do you enjoy taking baths? Share your favorites in the comments!




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