Using Cash App To Be Smarter With Your Money

Calling all broke college students!!! I have the perfect solution on how you can start being smarter with your money. I’m so excited to be partnering with Cash App today to share with you how to save major cash! It’s no secret that college kids tend to eat out often. Today, we are going to talk about how you can get instant savings with Cash App.

This post is sponsored by Cash App and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Basically Becca Sue possible! For more information, please see my disclosure.

Cash App Cash Card

When I first found out about Cash App, I knew it was a great way to help me be smarter with my money. As a college student, I am always looking for ways to save money in my every day life. My Cash Card makes it super easy to make purchases anywhere I go. It’s completely free to obtain a Cash Card and you get to customize it with your signature and fun stamps!

cash app smarter with your money

With the Cash Card, you can customize Cash Boosts that offer instant discounts at restaurants and coffee shops. I love that there are built in safety features in the app that allow me to protect the card (and my money). There is also no required credit check to obtain the card and no fees of any sort!

Cash App Cash Boosts

The new Cash App Cash Boosts allow you to be smarter with your money because you can save instantly at some of you’re favorite restaurants. The Boosts allow you to save up to 10% at an assortment of restaurants or $1 at coffee shops across the country every time you swipe your Cash Card. All you have to do is pick the boost that you plan to use in the app, and swipe your cash card at check out!

You can swipe your Cash Cards for instant rewards at these places:

    • Chick-fil-A
    • Wendy’s
    • Chipotle
    • Whole Foods
    • Shake Shack
    • Domino’s
    • Dairy Queen
    • Panda Express
    • Coffee shops

smarter with your money boost

Even though I don’t personally drink coffee, I know it is a staple for many college kids. Cash App offers $1 instant savings on every coffee shop purchase! This is going to be a great money saver for many of you coffee addicts so I knew I had to share:)

I am constantly on the hunt for ways to be smart with my money. Cash App has been a blessing for me to save and send money! Being that it is the #1 Finance app in the App Store, it is clear it’s not going anywhere. Give it a try, and let me know when you do!


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