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5 Essential Christian Dating Books Every Single Girl Should Read

Are you trying to make the most of being single as a young Christian woman? Here are some of the best Christian dating books to read while you prepare for your next relationship.

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best christian dating books

Chances are if you have been single for any amount of time as a Christian, you have probably heard a lot of platitudes that aren’t very helpful in your season of singleness. You’ve even possibly been told that being single is a gift.

As a fellow single Christian girl, I can attest to the fact that it doesn’t always feel like a positive thing. However, there are a lot of undeniable benefits to this time – including spending time on hobbies and preparing for your future relationship. Reading is a great way to take advantage of both of these benefits.

In this post, I will share what I believe to be the most essential and helpful Christian dating books to for single girls to ready.

5 Essential Christian Dating Books You Need To Read

1. Love That Lasts

This is one of the first Christian dating books I read. At the time, I was in an unhealthy relationship that I knew needed to change. I picked up this book in hopes that it would offer some insight on how I could have a healthier relationship. What I didn’t expect was that it would completely alter my view on relationships altogether.

This book is written by a husband and wife duo who have different dating histories. They share how they had to overcome unrealistic expectations, messy pasts, and hard lessons to create a marriage that honors God.

2. Outdated

This one might be my favorite Christian dating book I have read to date. This is one of the most practical and applicable Christian relationship books. This entire book is rooted in truth about the Creator of relationships. The author, JP, continuously points relationships back to Christ. Throughout the book there are practical tips and explanations for the why, who, and how of dating in a way the honors God.

3. The Love Everybody Wants

This book is not technically about dating, but it is definitely a book that everyone should read. The premise of this book is that the love that so many of us crave in singleness can only be fulfilled through the love of God. Madi Prewett includes so many tangible tips on healing from past hurt, living in Biblical truths, and understanding that no relationship apart from one with God can complete us.

4. Single, Dating, Engaged, Married

This Christian dating book is great because it goes through each of these four major stages of relationships. No matter what stage you find yourself in, there are practical tips on how to navigate each. The author offers tangible tips to navigate dating in clear and helpful ways which ultimately allows us to date without creating uncertainty for anyone involved.

5. The Sacred Search

This book is less about how to date and more about why we date. The overarching theme of this book is to consider our true motivations for dating. If you are unclear on God’s intended purpose for marriage, this is a great place to start (apart from the Bible, of course). The author dispels the idea of a soulmate throughout the book and instead navigates dating from a Biblical view. Through this, we learn how to find a relationship that will allow us to partner together for our Kingdom mission.

This post was all about the best Christian dating books every single girl should read.

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