17 College Apartment Bathroom Organization & Storage Hacks

Moving into a new apartment is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. There are so many possibilities for making the space your own and having it exactly how you want. Are you moving into your college apartment soon and need some help with keeping your space looking great? Here are some amazing small space college apartment bathroom organization ideas for your apartment!

Are you moving into a college apartment? Here are 17 awesome bathroom organization hacks for more bathroom storage!

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Ever since I got my first apartment in college, I noticed there is a major lack of space for storage. My current apartment has much less space than my first apartment did, so I have had to get creative with my college apartment bathroom organization and storage. Over the last 3 years of living in an apartment, I have found tons of great hacks for keeping my space clean and clutter free.

My Favorite College Apartment Bathroom Organization Ideas

1. Over the Toilet Storage

This is by far my favorite college apartment bathroom organization hack. I think it is because it uses space that would otherwise be wasted/empty and actually creates more space for you to organize! Over the toilet storage is a great option for the apartments that have very little drawer/cabinet space. It’s also a great way to hide some of your clutter or extra products until you are ready to use them.

I went with the white wood because I wanted it to look more like it was built into the bathroom, but it did cost a little more. If you are interested in a more budget friendly, I love the look of metal shelves with baskets and bins for organization.

Create this look in your own space:


2. Tiered Counter Storage

Like I said, my bathroom does not have a lot of storage space built in. Instead of trying to fit everything in the small space under my sink, I bought a tiered storage system from Amazon that allows me to make use of my counter space and display all of my skin care (I am a little obsessed)

Create this look in your own space:


3. Use a Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is a great way to store all of your most used products for easy access. I used to have all of my most used products lined up in my bathroom cabinet. Anytime I reached for one towards the back, the others would all fall over. Being able to spin the Lazy Susan around to grab what I need without moving the other products is a GAME CHANGER.

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Create this look in your own space:

4. Use Clear Bins As Dividers

One of the main things I noticed is how hard it is to keep drawers and cabinets organized. No matter how many times I would organize the spaces, products would move around the second I would close the drawer. Clear bins allow you to keep similar products together and in place while keeping the space feeling open and airy.

Feb 25, 2020 - Whether used on their own or with The Home Edit All-Purpose Bin, these Organizer Bins let you effortlessly customize cabinet and drawer storage. Their straight sides fit perfectly inside larger bins or sit neatly beside each other to make the most of shelf space. They're completely clear so contents are always visible. Each bin organizer is also extremely durable, with a clean look that's perfect for a clutter-free kitchen or bathroom.

Create this look in your space:

5. Use Cabinet Doors

I am all about creating as much space as possible. Hair products and appliances can take up a lot of space and get easily tangled when tossed in a cabinet. Implement cabinet door storage to save space and protect your products.

Promising Review: 'We have limited room in our bathroom. I purchased the organizer so my wife could put the hairdryer and irons away as it shows in the picture. It's fantastic. We put an electrical strip in the cabinet so the items could stay plugged in all the time!' –SmokeyPrice: $17.99

Create this in your own space:

6. Under the Sink Pull Out Drawers

This is one of my favorite hacks because it saves sooooo much space. I opted for a budget friendly plastic set, but I love the look and durability of the metal ones. When it is in my budget, I plan to upgrade! If you decide to go the budget friendly route, shop for the plastic bins at Target or Walmart (they’re a lot cheaper than on Amazon)!

Bathroom Under Sink Starter Kit | The Container Store

Create this in your own space:

7. Label Clear Bins

Clear bins are great because you can already see what is in each bin and it is not a dark abyss. However, I love labeling things because it gives you the chance to add your own touch to otherwise basic bins.

Free Printable Labels that You Can Type in Text and Edit

Create this in your own space:

8. Use Cute Containers to Hide Things

The best storage tip you can ever listen to is using bins to hide things. If clear bins aren’t your thing, opt for some baskets or colorful plastic bins that do a better job of hiding the mess while giving the illusion that everything is organized.

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Create this in your own space:

9. Create Wall Storage

I love repurposing different items that I already have in the house. This mason jar storage would be super simple to make. However, if you love the vibe and don’t want to have to get creative, I have linked a similar one below.

15 Clever Mason Jar Organization Ideas - Mason jars make great organization tools! If you need to organize your home, check out these 15 clever Mason jar organization ideas! | #ACultivatedNest

Create this in your own space:

10. Clear Countertop Makeup Storage

Makeup storage is something that a lot of girls never have enough of. I tend to keep my shoved in a bag and stowed under my sink. However, if you have more than I do and like to have it on display, these makeup organizers would be a great option for you!

Create this in your own space:

11. Towels and Toilet Paper in Baskets

A great way to hide your back up toilet paper rolls and extra towels is in baskets on shelves. It makes them easy to access when necessary and hidden until you need them.

Bathroom Makeover Ideas: Farmhouse Floating Shelves. Gorgeous small bathroom decor! These bathroom organizer storage shelves are an easy DIY project that gives your small bathroom the rustic farmhouse look on a budget

Create this in your own space:


12. Under Sink Shelving

My freshman year of college the sink in my dorm room didn’t have a vanity/any storage at all. Luckily, my roommate got us one of these storage cabinets and it was awesome!

Three Posts Ashbury 60cm x 60cm Free Standing Under Sink Cabinet & Reviews | Wayfair.co.uk

Create this in your own space:


13. Rolling Cart

I love the idea of a rolling cart if you have the space to slide it in your bathroom. It could be used for so many different things and utilizes vertical space that would otherwise go to waste.

rolling bathroom storage

Create this in your own space:

14. Add Free Standing Shelves

Again, this utilizes vertical space and creates more room for storage. It also adds a lot to the aesthetic of the room if that is important to you.

Create this in your own space:

15. Over the Door Storage Racks

A great way to add more storage is to hide it behind your door. That is, by hanging it over the top! This is a great option to store some of your favorite products and even hang your wet towels.

Amazon Over Door Bathroom Storage | Apartment Therapy

Create this in your space:

16. Free Standing Cabinets

By now I am sure you get the idea that you can never have too much storage for your college apartment bathroom organization. If you have the space, add some free standing cabinets.

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Create this in your own space:

17. Add a Shower Caddy

Anyone else struggle with having products scattered along the bathtub ledges and they always jump out at you? I know I can’t be the only one! Adding a shower shelf or caddy is the ultimate college apartment bathroom organization because everything is stored out of your way.

Dotted Line™ Keep your soaps, shampoos, lotions, and more organized in your shower with the help of this must-have caddy. Crafted from metal, it features a clean-lined design for a touch of modern style in your washroom. Its tension rod construction extends from five feet to nine feet, and is easily installed without any tools or hardware needed! Best of all, it includes five tiers of storage space for all your bathing essentials.

Create this in your own space:


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