12 Adorable College Apartment Living Room Ideas To Steal

So you’ve moved into a new apartment and now you can’t wait to decorate it, right? Making your new apartment feel like a home but staying on a budget can be hard. Here are some really cute college apartment living room ideas that won’t break the bank!

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This post will give you college apartment living room ideas when you’re on a budget.

I spend a ton of time in my living room and making it feel homey was a big deal.


Living Room Decor Ideas For College Apartments

1. Blanket Basket

A basket is a great way to keep blankets organized and out of the way while still looking cute. I am a big blanket fan so this was a no brainer!

make this your own:


2. A BoHo Poof

You can save some money on a coffee table and get a poof instead! It adds a lot of character and saves space in the room.

steal this look:

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3. Plants

living room plants

I love plants in the living room because they add a pop of color. Certain plants can also purify your air. This is also a great option to mix with your pouf to complete the BoHo look. Not sure you can keep the plants alive? No problem, just substitute for some fake ones!

copy this look:


4. Wallpaper

A great substitute for painting the walls of your college apartment is to add some wallpaper. It’s a fun addition to the bare white walls and can be removed when you move out.

add this to your apartment:

5. Gallery Wall

college apartment living room gallery wall

A gallery wall is a great idea for your college apartment living room decor because you can mix a ton of styles together to create a cohesive look. If you have roommates and everyone has different taste, you can all contribute to create a living room look that everyone loves!

Create this yourself:


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6. A Corner Seat

college apartment living room decor chair

One of the biggest issues in my apartment is that I never have enough seating for people. A great way to easily add more seating is to add a cute or comfy chair in the corner. Not only is it functional but it acts as a super cute addition to your living room decor.

make this your own:


7. Fairy Lights

Adding small lights to your living room can be great mood lighting for movie nights with your best friends! Plus no one likes the harsh overhead lights that so many college apartment living rooms have.

get your own:

8. Large Area Rug

An area rug adds a lot of character to a room. They make a space feel cozy and lived in rather than bare and cold. Plus a lot of college apartments have gross flooring that was installed who knows how long ago.

copy this look:

9. A Blanket Ladder

If you like a more farmhouse-y vibe, add blankets to a ladder. This can fill up a blank wall and also store your favorite throw blankets for lounging.

get this look:


10. Book Shelves

Book shelves can help you create extra storage space in your college apartment living room while still looking super cute! You can add baskets, pictures, small plants, and of course store your books. The choices for decorating these are endless.

copy this look:

11. Large Mirrors

A big mirror can make your space feel much bigger. If you position it in the corner of a room it can even feel like the space has doubled in size. Don’t forget it’s great for selfies too lol.

make this your own:

12. Pops of Color

If you tend to have a favorite color scheme – like grays or neutrals – you can add pops of color to create some dimension in the room. This will help bring the whole look together and show your personality!

copy this look:


This post showed you the cutest college apartment living room ideas.

Still haven’t found your perfect apartment? No worries, I’ve got you covered!

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12 Super Cute College Apartment Living Room Ideas to Steal Now!    12 super cute and affordable college apartment living room decor ideas to copy now!

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