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5 Insane Hacks For The Best College Apartment Organization

Organization can make or break a space. If everything has an assigned space, you can feel a lot less stressed than if everything is laying all over the place. Honestly, organization makes me so excited (if you know you know). When I started living on my own, I quickly realized how important my college apartment organization would be.

There are so many options and ways to organize your first apartment that it can seem overwhelming. The best place to start is to figure out what your preferences for organization are. Once you have figured that out, you can deep dive into getting each space in your apartment organized.

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This post is giving you a few ideas on where to start with your first apartment organization.

5 Hacks For Your College Apartment Organization

1. Utilize vertical space

One of the best college apartment organization hacks that I can give you is to utilize all of the space you have. If you have already started touring apartments to move into you will notice that many apartments majorly lack storage space. So, you have to figure out ways to use all of your space. This tip can be applied to literally any room in your college apartment.

Under Sinks

The space under sinks is commonly wasted because things tend to just be thrown in there. Use the space under both your kitchen and bathroom sinks by adding stackable storage, additional shelves, and hanging door storage.

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Most closets I’ve seen in apartments have the one metal rack going across the top and that’s it. I have found that hanging storage and stackable storage are the best ways to maximize this already small space. This makes your closet look more organized but also gives you more space to utilize.

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2. Use multipurpose storage and furniture

When I tell you that functional and multipurpose furniture is absolutely a necessity to have the best college apartment organization, I mean it! You can absolutely maximize any small space by having “hidden” storage that is also super cute.

Living Room

The living room has the most opportunity for multipurpose storage and furniture for your college apartment organization. You can use cube organizers for your TV stand, a couch with storage (yes that is actually a thing), and a coffee table with storage.

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The main thing I have used in my bathroom to create extra storage is an over the toilet storage cabinet. I debated getting one for so long and it ended up being my absolute favorite thing I got because of the storage it created.

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Okay this is something else that I didn’t know existed until recently. If your room is too small to fit a dresser in, get a bed frame that has built in storage and use that for your clothes! I also have a cube organizer in the corner of my room to hide all my junk. It ends up being perfect for all the things that wouldn’t have a home otherwise.

Side note: A lot of college apartments come with furniture for you. In this case, you can use the space under the tall bed frame it comes with as storage. If you want to hide the mess under there, a bedskirt works wonders!

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3. Declutter constantly

You would be amazed at how much junk you collect over a short period of time. It seems like college students are constantly being offered free or discounted things. Even if we don’t need it or ever use it, we keep the junk that takes up valuable space.

By decluttering constantly, you free up a ton of space for things you actually use! One way I do this is by getting rid of things as soon as I have the thought to. So if I am trying to figure out what to wear in the morning and I see a shirt and think “I don’t even like this anymore,” I throw it in a donate bag.

4. Prioritize accessibility

Organization is only good if it makes sense to you and helps your life be easier. No matter how pretty it looks, if it’s not functional for you, it’s pointless. Before you start organizing, think about the things you reach for the most in the day. Those should be the most accessible when everything is organized.

Some ways to do this would be to place most used items closest to you, on the top, or in the front.

5. Clean as you go

Finally, this is less about organizing your space and more about keeping it organized. If you clean up the messes you make as you go, your space will stay organized longer. It will also reduce stress and make your apartment appear cleaner for longer.

This post was all about hacks for your college apartment organization.

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