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8 Important Things To Look For On A College Visit

Getting ready for college is such an exciting time! But it can also be a little stressful. There are tons of new opportunities coming your way and with that comes a lot of changes. The first step in the entire process is deciding where you will be going to college. If you are a high school senior who is feeling totally overwhelmed about the whole graduating and going off to college thing, you’ve come to the right place. This post is going to help you make the college decision process a whole lot easier by sharing some helpful tips for any college visit you might have planned.

This post is all about the things you should look for on a college visit.

So by now, I hope that you have a general idea of what you would like in a school and maybe even what you will major in. These are a great place to start. Prior to picking colleges to tour, you should have a list of criteria that schools need to meet to even be an option for you. Consider size, cost, location, majors, organizations, and a number of other things you might be interested in.

What To Look For On Your College Visit

1. Dorms

Although you are going to college to learn (hopefully), dorms are a huge aspect of college life. This is where you will be living for at least one year of your life. Sometimes colleges don’t make it mandatory for freshman to live on campus, but if you can afford it, I think it is a great experience. While you can’t do much about the size of dorm rooms, check to see if they are clean and well kept.

Some things to ask on your college visit about the dorms:

  • What kind of events does the residence hall host?
  • Is there a resident hall that has been recently updated?
  • What is/isn’t allowed to be brought into the dorms?

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2. Dining Halls

You eat everyday. So you need to make sure that the dining options of potential schools are good. On your college visit, stop by the main dining hall to see what type of food they serve and if it’s actually good. My freshman year, I went to a college that only had one dining hall and the food was not very good lol. Learn from my mistake.

Pro tip: get the college application organizer to track all of your college applications as well as your college visits

3. Classrooms

One absolutely necessary thing to see on your college visit is a classroom. Can you see yourself spending multiple hours a day sitting in there? Do you feel as though is is a comfortable environment that is conducive to your learning? A bonus would be if you could sit in on an actual class session during your college visit.

4. Library

Studying in the library is a great way to do your school work without being distracted. Make sure you check out the library on your college visit as well. Check to see if there are plenty of group study rooms, secluded study cubbies, computers, and even comfortable chairs that you could hang out in between classes. Speaking of visiting the library between classes, see if it’s in a central location so that is an option.

5. Surrounding Area

Be sure to check out the surrounding area near campus. Do you prefer to be in an urban location or do you like more rural settings? Are there off campus apartment options and are they reasonably priced for the area? Is there some fun activities to do close by? Would you feel safe hanging out with friends around campus? These are all things to consider just like you would when picking a new city to live in.

6. Clubs and Organizations

I am a huge advocate of getting involved on campus. Joining different clubs and organizations gives you the chance to make new friends and have new experiences. Be sure to ask about what clubs and organizations are offered when you are touring. Most schools have something for everyone. Whether you are interested in greek life or volunteering, there are options for you!

7. Student Resource Center

A really important aspect to look in to on your college visit is the school’s student resource center. During college, you are guaranteed to go through many obstacles. A student resource center is where you can find help. Many times schools will offer free counseling, tutoring, career counseling, and more!

8. Rec Center

A rec center is something you might not consider to check out while on a college visit. You will go through a lot of changes in college. Whether you currently play a sport in high school or not, the rec center may quickly become a place you frequently visit. It is a great way to relieve stress, take care of yourself, and get some activity in. My school’s rec center even offered group fitness classes like dancing or yoga.

This post gave you some really important tips for your college visit to help make your decision easier.

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