What I Wish I Knew Freshman Year: College Welcome Week

This is the third post in the “What I Wish I Knew Freshman Year” series. College is a huge transition in life. I hope that these posts are beneficial for anyone going through this change. This post is all about college welcome week activities. 

You may have heard that the first to weeks of college completely set the tone for the rest of the year. I agree with this advice but I also encourage you to take it with a grain of salt. It is very important to create good habits in the first two weeks of college, but if you don’t like the way it goes, you will have plenty of time to make the changes you want.

Freshman year is full of changes. Here is what I wish I knew about college welcome week when I was a freshman college student.

This post will hopefully help you decide to participate in the college welcome week activities that usually take place the first or second week of school. Most schools have some sort of welcome activities, though I am sure some are more extensive than others.

Here are five reasons you NEED to participate in college welcome week activities.

College Welcome Week Activities Help You Make Friends

One thing I noticed in my college experience is that everyone is MUCH MORE social the first week of school. All freshmen are in the same boat, wanting to make as many friends as possible before people form friend groups and they are left in the dust.

btw: you will never be left in the dust, there are always opportunities to meet new people but this was a real fear of mine freshman year

College welcome week activities are one of the best ways to make friends right away. If your school hypes up these activities as much as mine did, then you’ll realize that majority of the student body will be there (especially at small schools).

If going alone intimidates you, convince your roommate to go with you! This worked well for me because my roommate was extremely extroverted whereas I am an introvert. She was so willing to approach anyone and introduce herself (and me)!

Really take some time to get to know people at these events. If you are willing, introduce yourself to someone and strike up a conversation with them! You will answer the same few questions about 100 times during welcome week (Where are you from? What’s your major? How did you choose this school?). Go the extra mile to get to know knew people. You never know who could become your next best friend!

You Create Memories

Participating in college welcome week activities is a great way to let loose before you get buckled down when classes get serious. People work really hard to make these activities happen and they are much better than sitting alone in your dorm room. There are often a wide variety of activities to choose from and you may not have the opportunity to do them again.

In addition to meeting new people and possibly your lifelong friends, schools often go the extra mile to make them memorable. I have been to paint wars, silent discos, and carnivals. These are great opportunities to make memories you will always have!

They Help You Transition

College welcome week activities are a great way to distract you from the major changes that you are enduring. Especially, if you are feeling homesick the first few days. You will be so busy with the fun activities that you will get over the homesickness easier than if you are sitting in your dorm room to pass time. Also as previously mentioned, the friends you make while participating in college welcome week activities will help you transition into your new normal.

College Welcome Week Activities Set The Tone For The Year

Not to sound dramatic, but as a freshmen, I think that welcome week sets the tone for the year. You know that saying that habits are formed within two weeks? Choosing to go to college welcome week activities gives you the opportunity to create social habits that encourage a healthy social life. Earlier I stated that there will be plenty of opportunities to make friends throughout the year. While this is true, meeting people the first week you are away from home will kick the year off on the right foot and set the tone for the rest of the year!

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