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Crazy Fair Food We Tried At The LA County Fair

Fall is probably my favorite time of year. Not for the typical reasons of pumpkin flavored things, sweater weather, or all the leaves changing colors (I live in Southern California, that doesn’t happen very much). It’s my favorite time of the year because it’s FAIR SEASON!!!!!!! I love everything about the fair, but I especially loooovvvvveeeeeeee all the crazy fair food that I get to try.

Last week I went to the LA County Fair with my boyfriend. Although we went for many reasons – one being that Austin had never been to the fair before (crazy, I know)- the main reason we went was to try as much crazy fair food as we possibly could.

Even though we tried a bunch, we are considering going back for a round two! We tried to skip the classics and reach out of our comfort zone quite a bit with some of these foods but some options were a little too far (fried frog legs anybody?).

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In no specific order, here is the crazy fair food we tried and the verdict on if we would ever get them again.

1. Fried Oreos

This isn’t so much a crazy fair food as it is the best invention ever. We kind of broke our rule of avoiding things we’ve tried before because this is our ALL TIME favorite. In fact, we walked up and ordered ourselves some fried Oreos as soon as we got through the gates. Honestly, I messed up here because we dug in so fast I didn’t get a picture of how glorious they are.

The Oreos come dipped and fried in a funnel cake batter, topped with chocolate sauce, powder sugar, and sprinkles. If you have never tried these, do yourself a favor and try them next time you’re at the fair.

Cost: $6 for 4 Oreos


2. Fried Watermelon

This was something I was really hesitant to try but Austin talked me into it. I was wary to try this because something about cold foods being hot grosses me out. With hesitation, I ordered one fried watermelon. The woman that took my order said that she really liked it so I thought maybe it would be a good choice after all. It comes as a slice of watermelon with the rhine, on a stick. It is then covered in batter and deep fried. Once fried, it is topped with some sort of syrup drizzle, powder sugar, and a maraschino cherry; served hot.

Crazy Fair Food: Fried Watermelon

I was surprised after the first bite. The flavor was amazing! But I couldn’t get passed the fact that the watermelon was hot. Austin thought it was great so he ate the whole thing. I can’t say that I will ever buy it again, but I am glad that I tried it.

Cost: $10


3. Pulled Pork Sandwich

Taking a break from the crazy fair food, we ordered another thing we knew we would like. We agreed that we needed a break from the sweet treats to get some actual food that would hold us over while we visited the animals and the shops.

Crazy Fair Food: Pulled Pork

The Ranch BBQ stand offers a classic take on a BBQ pulled pork Sandwich. It was cooked to perfection with the best BBQ sauce and some amazing coleslaw. This one was Austin’s choice but I’m sooooo glad we got it. The sandwich was big enough to fill us both up even though we split it.

Cost: $13

Verdict: DO IT

4. Bacon Nutella Fried Pickle

This was probably the crazy fair food I was most excited for. I love all three of these things separately  and it had the greatest potential to be AMAZING! We excitedly ordered this item and waited in anticipation.

Crazy Fair Food: Get Pickled

It is served as one large pickle, cut in half. The pickle’s center is taken out and then stuffed with the Nutella and bacon. There were a few problems with this item. First of all, the batter they used to fry the pickle in was waaayyyyy too heavy. As soon as we were served the pickle, the fried batter felt soggy. The next problem was that the filling was not actually Nutella. I know Nutella. What was in the middle was some sort of chocolate mixture that they added bacon too. Believe it or not, this wasn’t even the worst part.

Crazy Fair Food: Pickles

Pickles are one of my favorite snacks. This pickle was repulsive. As soon as I bit into the stuffed pickle, all I tasted was salt. That’s saying a lot since I usually use a lot of salt on my food. We tried each aspect of concoction separately and decided that it was in fact the pickle that ruined the entire thing. I would recommend staying away from the Get Pickled stand all together.

Cost: $9

Verdict: STAY AWAY

5. Maple Bacon Donut

This was the crazy fair food that I enjoyed the most as far as new foods I tried. Picture a massive Krispey Kreme style donut, covered in maple glaze, and topped with big chunks of bacon!!!!!! ITS HEAVENLY.

Crazy Fair Food: Maple Donut

This donut melts in your mouth and sets off flavored fireworks with each bite. We got this donut from the Texas Donut stand that also offers other drool worthy flavored donuts but I suggest you try this one. It is a very large and extremely sweet donut, which makes it perfect to share with a few friends or family members.

Cost: $10

Verdict: TRY THIS

Okay so that’s all the crazy fair food I have for this post. I love to eat and try new weird things and had a blast making this post! If you enjoyed this post and want to see more like this let me know in the comments!





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