A Dorm Cleaning Schedule That Is Super Easy

You’d think that having a small space means it would be easier to keep clean, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. College is busy and having to share such a small space with someone else means that it gets twice as dirty in half the time. So today I am coming at you live with a dorm cleaning schedule that is guaranteed to be quick and painless.

I hate to admit that even as a MAJOR clean freak, my dorm room saw some pretty rough days. It’s typically the first thing that gets neglected when life becomes chaotic. And in college, you can bet that happens a lot.

This post is all about giving you the perfect dorm cleaning schedule.

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Best Dorm Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning your dorm should be a top priority for you. Because if nothing else, at least you have a clean space to rest at night. This dorm cleaning schedule is super easy and will guarantee you have the cleanest dorm on campus.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Don’t be scared by the fact that there are tasks you should be doing daily. These tasks can be done in a total of like 5 minutes but make a HUGE impact on the cleanliness of your dorm room.

Make  you bed

Making your bed should be one of the top priorities in your dorm cleaning schedule. Doing this instantly makes your room look more put together. Plus it gives you a nice place to finally rest after a long day. This is something I do every morning because it motivates me to be productive when I check a task of first thing in the morning.

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Wash your dishes

If you have a sink in your dorm room, it is imperative to keep it clean. Because it is so small and also used to wash your face and brush your teeth, you can’t leave dirty dishes piling up. Also keeping your dishes clean will prevent any bugs or rats from coming (gross, right??). Overall just make sure to wash your dishes every day.

Pick up clutter

The easiest way to keep your floor clean is to put away clutter every night. This prevents your dorm from having massive piles of clothes that might seem tedious to pick up later. Also it acts as a reset each day and you get to wake up to a clean room. Win win.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Do your laundry

Doing your laundry once a week prevents you from ever having to pick up dirty clothes off the floor. Plus by doing it weekly you will actually spend less time doing laundry than if you wait until you are completely out of clothes and have to do multiple loads.

Vacuum the floor

You would be surprised by how much dirt collects over the week. Crumbs, hair, and dirt from outside all collect and make your floor dirty. Make sure to vacuum once a week to keep your dorm clean.

Pro Tip: I recommend having a small vacuum that you can easily store without taking up too much space. This will prevent you from having to barrow one and lug it to your room.

Take out the trash

This is something that I always hated doing because the dumpster was so far away lol. But it is a super easy task to do once a week to make sure your dorm room doesn’t start to stink. I also suggest spraying some disinfectant spray in your trash can before putting a new bag in it.

Clean your bathroom

This one only applies to you if there is a bathroom connected to your dorm room. Personally, I had to share a bathroom with 3 other people so we took turns cleaning it each week. Make sure you clean the shower, toilet, and bathroom floor at the very least.

Wipe everything down

This is the easiest part of cleaning. Grab some Clorox wipes and do a quick wipe down of all of the major surfaces in your dorm room. Make sure you get your sink, desk, light switches, and doorknobs.


Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Clean out fridge

It can be easy to forget what you have in your fridge. Each month I like to make sure I get rid of any expired food and wipe off the inside shelves.

Clean mirrors

You know when you’re brushing your teeth and you get a little toothpaste splashes on your mirror? Yeah, those build up. Make sure you are cleaning your mirrors to get rid of any dust and fingerprints that have collected over the month.

Wash your bedding

Okay so in all honesty I wash my sheets weekly. I know most college students don’t do that though. I would recommend washing your sheets at least once a month, though weekly would be optimal!

This post showed you how to have the best dorm cleaning schedule.

I have created a free dorm cleaning schedule printable for you that you can hang in your room and check off as you go!




Have the cleanest dorm on campus with this quick and easy dorm cleaning schedule!

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