8 Dorm Desk Organization Items That Are Essential

While you are living in the dorm, your desk will be used for a ton of different things. With all the time you will be spending sitting at your desk, you will want to make sure it is clean and organized. This means it is essential to keep your dorm desk organization top notch.

Having a clear and put together space will help you focus better when studying, have more space to do your makeup, and even leave room to eat your late night snack. So I am going to show you how you can do all of those things and have the best dorm desk organization on campus.

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Essential Dorm Desk Organization Items:

1. Use a Desk Hutch

A hutch on top of your desk is a great way to maximize your space. If your desk does not come with a hutch attached to it, I highly recommend getting one because it will significantly increase your space.

It is a bigger investment but you can keep it for all of college or even sell it to an incoming student the next year.

Create this in your dorm:


2. Back of the Chair Storage

This is a great way to add storage to an already small place. I had one of these my freshman year and it was awesome! It’s also a great “catch all” spot to keep random things like headphones or keys so they don’t clutter your desk. Plus there are tons of colors to choose from on Amazon!

Create this in your dorm:

3. Desk Organizers

Although these actually take up some space on top of your desk, they keep the contents of it organized. It gives everything its own place so nothing is laying around.

Create this for your dorm:


4. Drawer Organization

Built in drawers can become easily cluttered. In order to avoid the dark abyss for your dorm desk organization, it is essential to have organization in your drawer.

Create your own look:

5. Top Shelf Bins

Bins might be my personal favorite storage trick. They don’t necessarily have to stay super organized, but they create the illusion that everything is organized. It’s a great addition to the top shelf of a hutch.

Create this in your dorm:

6. Pull Out Drawers

dorm desk organization

I am a huge fan of any type of drawer organization. Another great way to create space is to use pull out drawers on the shelves of your hutch. It can be used for school supplies or even makeup.

Create your own look:


7. Use The Wall

If you don’t want to spend the money or would rather do DIY, you can make a peg board to use your wall space. If DIY is not your cup of tea either, you can buy different bins and hang them with command strips! Using your wall space for a cork board or white board are also great options!

Make this your own:

8. Makeup Organization

As I said in the beginning of this post, your desk isn’t just for school. A great way to keep your makeup organized is to have a designated space on your desk.

Add this to your desk:

I know preparing for college can seem like an extremely stressful process. This post was to help you determine what dorm desk organization items are essential to you. If you would like to have your dorm featured on the blog, email your pictures to becca@basicallybeccasue.com


8 No Brainer Dorm Desk Organization Ideas

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