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Dorm Room Organization Ideas That Reduce Clutter

It is no secret that dorm rooms are lacking in the space department. So we have to figure out the best ways to make the most of what we have. My freshman year of college, my roommate and I had a tiny room and figured out the best dorm room organization for our small space.

This post is all about dorm room organization

Today I am sharing some dorm room organization items that I used as well as some new ones I have heard of since I have moved out of the dorms. These tips will help you keep your room organized while using all of your space possible.

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Dorm Room Organization Ideas

Rolling Cart

My roommate brought a rolling cart that we used as out “kitchen” area. We had snacks and plates/utensils on the shelves. However, it can be used for so many other things too! Some other ideas are for school supplies or cosmetics.

Desk Organizer

Any sort of desk organization is helpful to make your dorm room look less cluttered. An organizer like this works to keep multiple things in order. There are a ton of other options for desk organization as well.


Multi-Use Furniture

Since you have such a small space, you want all the extra furniture you bring in to have more than one purpose or use.

Storage Ottomans

These storage ottomans are a great idea for dorm room organization because they create storage and hide clutter. However, they double as seating or even a step stool for your lifted bed! It can even be slid under your bed during the day to make your dorm room feel more spacious!

Cube Organizers


This was one of my favorite dorm room organization pieces. I had the three cube organizer and turned it longways for storage along the edge of my bed. However, in addition to storage for random things or clothing, they can also be a great TV stand or entertainment center!

Under The Bed Storage

Under the bed is dorm room organization prim real estate! If you plan to life your bed, you have some great options to keep your room clutter free!

Storage Bag Organizers

The only reason I actually got these was because they came in a kit with my bedding. I honestly wasn’t sure I would even use them. However, they were the best thing I never knew I needed. I used them to hold all my seasonal clothes under my bed which helped create more space in the closet too.

Plastic Drawers

Another great way to organize in your dorm room is with these three tier plastic drawers. They are great for socks and underwear or even t-shirts and other things you don’t hang in the closet. These drawers can also be used to store snacks for your dorm room! I recommend getting these at Walmart or Target because they are cheaper!

Bed Skirt

Okay so this one doesn’t really contribute to dorm room organization but it does hide any clutter that happens under your bed. Even with tons or organizational items, sometimes it looks really cluttered.

Use Walls and Doors

Since you don’t have a ton of space in the dorms, you want to make sure you use all of your options -including vertical space. There are tons of options for your dorm room organization here.

Over The Door Storage

If you have a closet door or bathroom connected to your dorm room, this type of storage is perfect to hang your towels or robe on. You could even hang your shower caddy so your bathroom essentials are in the same area at all times!

Command Hooks

You will be using command hooks everywhere! These are great to store bags or towels but the possibilities are endless.

Hanging Baskets

Using command hooks, you can hang baskets on your walls to create more space. This contributes to your dorm room organization because it gives everything a place to live which makes your room look clutter free!

Maximize Closet Space

Dorm rooms don’t offer a very big closet space. Some dorm rooms even only give you one closet to share between you and your roommate. Because of this, you have to get crafty with closet space.

Hanging Shoe Storage


Like I said earlier, you need to use all vertical space. Shoes on the floor contribute to a lot of clutter. This allows you to have an allotted amount of shoes and prevent yourself from buying more. I love how organized this makes your closet look.

Bins for Shelves

If your closet has a shelf, I recommend adding bins to the top of it. This hides clutter and keeps your dorm room looking more organized. You can use these for sweaters or things that you don’t need daily.

Magic Hangers


My roommate used these and swore by them. You can hang similar items together and save a ton of space! I can’t believe I never got any of these for myself.

Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is a great way to keep all of your bathroom toiletries organized. This will keep everything together and out of the way.


This post was all about dorm room organization.

Do you have any other dorm room organization ideas? I would love to hear all about them!

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