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15 Essential School Supplies You Don’t Want To Forget In College

Not sure what the most essential school supplies are? This post will go over everything you need to start your new semester strong!

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I don’t know about you but I always found the most exciting part of a new school year was buying my essential school supplies.

Having the right tools can make all the difference in being organized and successful each semester. I loved getting to shop for all my supplies and come up with new organizational systems to help me be a better student.

Despite the excitement of a new school year, the sheer amount of options you have for school supplies can be overwhelming. Here is everything I used as a 4.0 student that I would recommend to you.

17 Essential School Supplies You Don’t Want To Forget In College

1. Notebooks

Stock up on a variety of notebooks for taking notes in class, jotting down ideas, and keeping track of assignments.

I recommend one notebook per class you are in. This allows all your notes to stay organized by subject. I prefer notebooks to loose papers because you never have to track down missing pages.

If you opt for notebooks, be sure to get the ones with plastic covers instead of paper so they don’t rip off being taken in and out of your bag.

2. Pens and Pencils

I feel like these are obvious essential school supplies for college. I opt for Paper Mate mechanical pencils. These last a long time and write great.

Pens are pretty much my go-to for everything. I go back and forth between a few different options but tend to stick with gel. I love the Pilot G-2 or Papermate Inkjoy Gel pens.

Finally, I get a big pack of colored pens. I use these to color code my planner and my notes. I find that adding color to my notes makes it easier to recall the information later on.

3. Highlighters

In the same way that I use colored pens and tabs, I like to have highlighters on hand for notes and reading. It’s nice to have a few different colors in your school supply arsenal.

4. Binder or Folder

While I was in school I found having a folder that matched a notebook for each subject was the best system for being organized. It’s great to throw all the loose handouts into a folder to keep track of everything.

If you want to carry less items in your bag, a small binder would work as well!

5. Laptop or Tablet

It is super helpful to have a laptop or tablet of your own while in school. While you can always access the library’s computers as needed, having your own allows you a lot more flexibility.

Most college students op for laptops, but iPads have become super popular as a way to replace notebooks and binders.

6. USB Flash Drive

A flash drive is an essential school supply that is often forgotten. It’s a great idea to have one on hand. You never know when you will need to print something, have a presentation, or use as extra storage.

7. Planner or Calendar

It’s no secret I love a good planner! They allow you to stay organized and keep track of all of your class assignments. You can also plan out life events and any other non-school related events.

Stay organized and on top of deadlines with a planner or calendar to track assignments, exams, and events.

8. Sticky Notes and Tabs

In college, you would find sticky notes all over my room. I used them for my endless to-do lists and reminders throughout the week.

I also loved sticky tabs. Having different colored tabs makes reading textbooks a lot easier. I assigned colors to key terms, questions, important notes, ect. This way I could return to pages with tabs while studying for easy reference.

9. Index Cards

I used index cards all the time. Studying for me is pretty difficult. I don’t have the best memory and need to pull out all the stops. Index cards serve as another way for me rewrite the information to commit it to memory. These are optional but I find them to be very helpful.

10. Backpack or Bag

Choose a sturdy backpack or bag to carry your school supplies, textbooks, and laptop between classes.

There are so many options now for cute bags or backpacks but the most important thing is to choose something that works for you.

11. Water Bottle

Stay hydrated throughout the day with a reusable water bottle to keep you focused and energized.

12. Snacks

Snacks might not seem like it should be included with essential school supplies but I promise it is!

Keep a stash of healthy snacks on hand for when you need a quick boost of energy between classes or study sessions.

Snacks are perfect for the days you don’t have a ton of time between classes or need to finish an assignment instead of eating lunch.

12. Pencil Pouch

I used to just throw my pens in my backpack when I was done. I wish I would have invested in a cute pencil pouch to stay more organized. This would have helped me not have to dig through my backpack for something to write with.

13. Desk Organizer

Keep your desk clutter-free and organized with a desk organizer for pens, pencils, paper clips, and other supplies.

14. Whiteboard and Markers

Use a whiteboard and markers for brainstorming, planning, and working through problems visually.

I love that whiteboards can double as both decor while still being super useful and keeping clutter off your desk

15. Headphones or Earbuds

Block out distractions and stay focused while studying or attending online lectures with a pair of headphones or earbuds.

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This post provided you with the essential school supplies you need for college.

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