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7 Key Habits To Live Your Best Life Today

With social media being such a predominant part of our every day life, it is easy to feel like everyone you know is living their best life. There is also a lot of talk about college being the best years of your life. This not only puts a lot of pressure on us to feel this way, but presents a lot unrealistic expectations for our lives.  The key is to define what this means to you and to create habits to live your best life.

This post will share 7 key habits to live your best life

I think it is safe to say that we all crave a life full of happiness and meaning. While that looks different for each of us, there are a few key habits that can help you start living your best life. Your best life will truly reflect what your core values are and include habits that will help you live up to those values.

7 Important Habits for Living Your Best Life

1. Not caring what others think

While living your best life is all about you, I think we are all guilty of letting other people’s opinions determine our worth, happiness, and actions. This can have a huge impact on you being able to live your best life.

While I love social media as a way to be connected and inspired, I think it also has the power to be destructive. We are constantly shown what happy is “supposed” to look like. If our lives reflect differently that what society tells us it should, we feel inadequate. This translates into us conforming to the norm and quieting our true self.

The number one key habit to live your best life is to honor your values and desires while not caring what others think about your decisions. This is definitely easier said than done. Take time to discover what you truly want in life, then don’t let anyone change your mind.

2. Process your emotions

Understanding what you are feeling and thinking is extremely important for you to live your best life. Feelings are meant to be felt, not suppressed. I am a huge believer in journaling to process my emotions. However, some people prefer to verbally process their thoughts. The key is to figure out what makes you feel your best, and create a habit of doing that.

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If you find that writing is the best for you, grab a lined notebook and create the habit of asking yourself “how am I feeling today?”

If you are a verbal processor, find someone you can trust wholeheartedly and discuss your feelings with them. You can also talk yourself through what you’re feeling as well. A great option for this method of processing is to add therapy to your routine.

3. Be present

Being present in your life is one of the only ways you can truly enjoy it. While it is good to have future goals, you have to learn to be present where you are and savor this time. We are literally not guaranteed any amount of time except for the moment we are in. Take some time to unplug and just be.

4. Practice gratitude

If you aren’t consciously practicing gratitude every single day, you should absolutely start now. Being in a state of gratitude allows you to see all the good in your life. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, be grateful for the moments and things you do have.

This can take a while to get used to doing. If you are stuck in a lack mindset, you will likely only see things that are lacking in your life. Without sounding too woo-woo, once you start being more grateful for everything you have, you will welcome more abundance into your life.

To create this habit to live your best life, I recommend writing three things you are grateful for every morning. This needs to go beyond the basic things you have. I like to write three things I experienced from the day before. This could include feelings, experiences, or things. When you remember the thing you are grateful for, you will feel those same emotions you felt the day before. This helps bring you to a more positive energy state at the beginning of the day!

5. Grow your mind

I am such a firm believer in that statement “if you’re not growing, you’re dying.” As dramatic as it sounds, it is so important to grow your mind. Personal development is a great habit to live your best life! I like to listen to podcasts and read books that challenge my current thought patterns.

Growing your mind can be as easy as finding a new hobby or learning a new skill. Reading articles about things you are interested in is another great way to grow your mind. Remember that just like happiness, personal development is not a one size fits all thing. Find what you are most passionate about and focus on that.

6. Move your body

Moving your body every day has so many benefits for both your mind and your physical body. I’m not sure why, but this is the habit I struggle with the most. Body movement can be literally anything.

Doing this regularly will regulate your hormones and boost endorphins aka improve your mood. It’s also just an important part of being healthy and living your best life. Some ideas are long walks, weight lifting, dancing, and yoga.

7. Be willing to make changes

No matter how many goals we make or how well we plan, we have to be willing to make changes to our current circumstances. Even if you create core values that help you live your best life, you have to be prepared for life happening.

No matter where life takes you, you have to remember that the ultimate goal is to live your best life. This means finding happiness in the process and not a destination.

This post was all about the best habits to live your best life

Are you looking for habits to live your best life? These are super helpful and have changed the game for me!


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