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Health And Beauty Tips For The Busy College Girl

Today I am soooooo excited to share the first ever guest post on Basically Becca Sue! Today, Shelby from ShelbsSays is sharing her best health and beauty tips for the busy college girl! I have faith that you will love Shelby as much as I have grown to. If you do, be sure to follow her on Instagram and her blog. So let’s get right in to her post, shall we?

It is important for every college girl to have go to health and beauty tips for when she is very busy! Find out now how you can feel and look your best when you're on the go.

College can be rough sometimes and that busy schedule of yours is sure to take a toll on your health and beauty routine! Sometimes I wonder how some college girls can look so well rested and stress free when we know in reality, they probably have a lot on their plate just like we you do! And the first step to looking your best and feeling your best is by prioritizing (yourself first that is). Here are some basics on how to put yourself first when balancing social life, academics, and your sanity 🙂

Health Tips For The Busy College Girl

Your happiness

When was the last time you put your cell phone/electronics down and did something else during your free time? Making time away from your phone can easier increase your mood and overall self-awareness. Take this time to meditate, catch up on your favorite book, maybe journaling, or going for a run! Anything but checking your snaps and insta feed. Sometimes we get so sucked into watching other people’s lives through a screen that we start to get the fear that we aren’t living ours! You can read all the health and beauty tips in the world, but if you aren’t happy, it doesn’t matter.

Your sleep schedule

Get. It. In. Check. If you are not getting enough sleep, this could be the culprit of your dull skin, tired eyes, and worst of all, your recurring colds! As hard as it is to get a decent amount of sleep, it is essential to feel good and function like a normal human. I try to get the majority of my class work done before night time—this way I know I will have some time for myself (and to get a good night’s rest).

Your skin

 The first step to maintaining fresh and bright skin is hydration— not only with your skin care but by drinking water! It is so so important to stay hydrated. You will look and feel 10x better if you keep up with drinking water throughout the day.  To see my daily skin care routine, click here

Your body

Listen to your body. I think this is a pretty important (and simple) concept that many of us forget when we are stretching ourselves too thin between academics and social life. But, sometimes going to a party after an exhausting week can take a toll on your stress and overall health. Also: pay attention to what you are eating/may not be eating. Taking probiotics, Vitamin C, and a multivitamin are essential in my book in order to yourself in check during your busy lifestyle as a college gal.

Beauty Essentials As A Busy College Girl

If you are on the run a lot and do not have a ton of time to do makeup in the morning like me, I have a few easy and natural makeup essentials that I typically use on the daily.

BB Creams

I use Estee Lauder Day Wear; this BB cream has a ton of great ingredients for your skin, and is tinted to even out your skin tone when you are looking a little dull.


 This is a super easy way to quickly brighten up your under eye areas.

Your Brows

I use Glossier Boy Brow and Wow, this stuff really works wonders. It keeps your brows shaped, yet natural. Just a few swipes and your brows look bomb.

The miracle product

Vaseline! Honestly I swear Vaseline is my secret weapon and favorite of my health and beauty tips. You can brush it on your eyelashes to moisturize them and make them look darker. You can brush it on your brows to help keep them shaped and in control. And it is my savior when I have super dry skin. People have even used this stuff for highlighter. Honestly, it is a lifesaver sometimes- and perfect for on the go. If you aren’t convinced, just watch how much Vaseline means to Tyra Banks here!

So, here it is–all of my health and beauty tips that help keep me a little more stress-free and well rested. Feel free to scroll on over to my blog Shelbssays if you liked this post!

Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this guest post from Shelby and all her health and beauty tips! If you want to see more guest posts here on the blog let me know in the comments below.




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  1. Love BB Creams! The original Korean BB creams can be cheaper than the American versions, and the quality is just as good. They often come as “cushions” with little puffs that you can use to apply the cream. The brand Missha has an amazing BB cream called M Magic Cushion that’s only about 15 dollars and looks amazing. I highly encourage you to try it out!

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