Budget date ideas

High Quality Date Ideas on a Low Budget

Here are some of the best date ideas you can do on a budget!

Date Ideas

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I don’t know about anyone else but I personally love the idea of getting all dressed up and going out on a nice date once in a while. Unfortunately that is not always realistic. As young adults we often have a small “activities” budget and expensive dates are off the table.

If you have a special someone that you love to spend time with but you don’t have a lot of money to spend, consider any or all of these date ideas! Remember to put your own little spin on them to make them perfect for you and your significant other. Most importantly, don’t ever let money be the reason you don’t have a good time!

Have a Breakfast Date

If you love breakfast as much as me then this is a great option for you! This one can be as budget friendly as you make it. You can make breakfast at home or find a favorite restaurant.

TIP: If you go out, order water instead of a drink that costs and automatically save at least $4 between the two of you!

Have a Game Night

Whether you have a competitive heart or are just in it for the fun, this is a great date option! Even if you only have a deck of cards, consider having a game night with your significant other. Another option is to invite some friends and make it a group date (this is a better option if you plan to play group games like Heads Up or Catch Phrase).

Mystery Date

A fun spin on date night is to plan a mystery date. One person plans all the details but keeps them a secret. The other person only finds out what you are doing when you get there.

You could make the date a literal mystery to both and flip a coin every few minutes as you drive and either turn left or right (assign one direction to heads and the other to tails), wherever you end up, you find something to do. Some examples could be trying something new that neither of you have done or even going to your favorite restaurant.

Have a Movie Night

You can have a movie date by going to the theaters or staying in (depending on how budget you want to get). Pick a movie you both love or one you have never seen before. You can get your favorite snacks and make it a whole experience.

Have a Pool Day

This may not be an option in some places but in California pretty much any day is a good pool day. Unfortunately I don’t have a pool at my house, but that doesn’t stop me. Last summer I bought an inflatable pool at Walmart for less than $20 and I have used it so much! Create a playlist of both of your favorite songs and have a fun day date in the sun!

TIP: Make it a BBQ and grill up some hot dogs or burgers for a tasty lunch!

Go to a Bookstore

I was never a big reader when I was younger but as I got older I found a love for books. A good date option is going to a bookstore together! Most bookstores have a coffee shop in them now so you can grab a drink and pastry and head out to find a book. You can each find your own book and plant yourselves in the big comfy chairs or get them to take home.

Favorite Sport

Bring a soccer ball, football, or baseball and mitt and head to a local park. Another option is going to the batting cages or playing mini golf. Sporting events are also really fun and can be extremely cheap! You can get last minute tickets for the top sections for under $20 for two tickets sometimes!

Cook Their Favorite Meal

I looooovvvveee to cook so this is one of my favorites. You can surprise your significant other by cooking their favorite meal or even make it together! Set a nice little table for two and make it more romantic or eat by the TV for a more casual date. Another option for cooking together is baking.

TIP: Pick something new that neither of you have tried and cook it together!

Go on a Bike Ride

Whether you are at the beach and riding along the board walk or just going for a ride around town, a bike date is a great option! This is a great date for people who love to be active!

TIP: Larger cities have bike rentals that you can pay by the hour or for the day! In Nashville, it is $5 for the whole day! There are many stations so you can pick where is most convenient for you!

Go on a Picnic

One of my favorite dates to do when I went to school in Nashville was to go on picnics. There were so many parks that were great for them! My favorite park by far is Centennial Park. There are so many things to do there! Pick out your favorite snacks and grab a little blanket and spend some time together in nature

Moral of the story: it doesn’t matter how much you spend on your time it’s how you spend your time. As long as you are having quality time with your significant other it doesn’t matter what you are doing!

How do you spend your time with your significant other? What are some of your favorite date ideas? Let me know in the comments!



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