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29 Insanely Cheap Ideas For Hobbies In Your Twenties

Are you a recent college grad that has no idea what to do with the time that used to be filled with schoolwork? Here are some awesome ideas for hobbies in your twenties that you could start today!

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Are you fresh out of college and hoping you have more to look forward to than clocking in and out of work everyday? Or maybe you’re looking for new ways to overcome boredom and doom scrolling?

When I first graduated, I had no idea how to spend my time. I quickly learned that finding hobbies in your twenties is essential for living a well balanced life. Once I found cheap hobbies I really enjoyed, I felt like my life got so much more exciting!

If you are looking for some fun and cheap hobbies in your twenties, I have compiled a list of some awesome options for you.

29 Insanely Fun and Cheap Ideas For Hobbies In Your Twenties

1. Dancing

As silly as it feels, dancing can be a really great hobby. I recently started going to a weekly zumba class and I am constantly surprised at how much fun I have and what a great workout it is.

There a ton of options to make dancing one of your hobbies in your twenties! You can sign up for a class or put a YouTube video on and dance in the comfort of your bedroom.

2. Gardening

You totally don’t need a huge yard to start a gardening hobby. When I was in college, I used grow bags on my balcony to grow tomatoes and zucchinis. You can also put small pots in your windowsill to grow herbs for cooking.

Maybe growing veggies isn’t your thing… You can still practice your green thumb by becoming a plant mom. Bonus points – house plants make your space feel so cozy!

3. Cooking

It’s not secret that I am a big advocate for learning how to cook. If you are living on your own for the first time and want to know how to cook more than scrambled eggs and toast, cooking might be one of the best hobbies in your twenties to start.

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The best part of cooking as a hobby is that you get to enjoy what you’ve made after. Learning to cook at home is a great way to save money and eat healthier.

4. Writing

Writing is one of the cheapest hobbies in your twenties to start. Literally all you need is paper and a pen. I enjoy writing in the form of journaling and blogging (the reason you are here).

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The awesome thing about writing is it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Every day, I brain dump in my journal as a form of writing. You can also do creative writing such as short stories or poetry. The options for writing as a cheap hobby are endless.

5. Reading

Maybe you’re less interested in creating the stories and more interested in getting lost in them. Reading is a great option as one of your hobbies in your twenties. My favorite hack for books is to check out books from the library. I used to get physical books and loved the experience. However, when I got my kindle, I started using Libby to check ebooks our for free.

6. Painting

I was gifted a paint by numbers kit for Christmas last year and it quickly became an obsession. The cool thing about painting is the endless options. You could paint pottery, watercolor, or even digital painting on apps like Procreate!

7. Pottery

Speaking of potter… what better hobby to try than making your own cereal bowls?! Taking a pottery class at a local art studio could even double as a social outing where you meet new friends!

8. Candle Making

This year, I decided that one of the hobbies I wanted to try was candle making. I bought this set to make my own candles. There are so many options for scents and colors.

This hobby can be totally customizable by picking out different kinds or candle holders at thrift stores. You can even opt for a healthier option to fragrance and use essential oils (which is my preference).

9. Sourdough

I joke that this is my old lady hobby, but making sourdough has quickly become my favorite way to spend time. Plus all my friends love eating my bread haha.

Sourdough can be super time consuming but it’s extremely cheap (literally only flour and water) and so worth the time for how tasty it is.

10. Make Jewelry

This would be a great hobby if you are looking for a creative way to tap into your artistic ability. Bonus points is you could actually make money with this hobby by selling on Etsy or at local farmers markets.

11. Photography

Photography doesn’t have to be a super expensive hobby. We all have access to cameras on our phones that take high quality pictures.

You can start right away by photographing things you find interesting. Or you can grow your knowledge and understanding of photography by taking a class.

12. Hiking

Hiking is one of the cheapest hobbies in your twenties you could possibly have because it can be totally free to you.

This can be a great option to keep you active without feeling like an intense workout. You can choose how hard your hike is, which makes it great for all fitness levels. Plus it gets your outside which is always a win.

13. Traveling

Taking time in your twenties to travel is always a great idea. Take a solo trip or pick a friend to tag along. Traveling costs can add up, but if you find the right destinations, you can make it happen for cheap.

14. Knitting

Another hobby I have lovingly coined my grandma hobby. I couldn’t resist trying this one out because the cost of knitting needs and yarn are so affordable. I started this in 2018 and still enjoy sitting in front of the TV while knitting a blanket.

15. Weight Lifting

Weight lifting and going to the gym are great ways to spend your free time. While it might not seem like a hobby to some people, weight lifting is perfect if you want to get stronger or look more toned.

16. Sodoku

If physically working out isn’t your think, maybe consider a mental workout. Sodoku is a great mental challenge that will stimulate your mind from the comfort of your home. There are apps or even some cheap sudoku books to choose from

17. Yoga

Yoga has a ton of benefits to be considered among the hobbies in your twenties. While it might feel more relaxing to some, this is a good alternative to other workouts. However, if you want it to feel extra difficult, consider trying hot yoga.

18. Play an instrument

There are tons of instruments to choose from for this hobby! You could rent an instrument to keep costs low and even opt for youtube videos as a form of lessons.

19. Learn a new Language

This is another extremely cheap option for hobbies in your twenties! This one can be completely free with apps like DuoLingo.

20. Graphic Design

Graphic design could be so many different things. This is a mother great hobby that could be turned into a side hustle if you are looking to make some extra cash. Using free apps like Canva, you can create invitations or other design related things and sell them on Etsy.

21. Baking

A lot of people don’t enjoy cooking, but really love to bake. This is a great option if you prefer to follow recipes to a T. There are tons of things to try out as a baking hobby. Plus you get to reward your hard work with a sweet treat.

22. Soap Making

If you prefer to use natural products, soap making might be a fun hobby to try. This allows you to be in complete control of what ingredients are used in your personal products. And they can be made more unique by including flowers or herbs.

23. Running

A lot of my friends enjoy running as a hobby. Not only is it a good form of movement but I constantly hear that it’s a great way to clear your mind.

24. Embroidery

Another artistic hobby you could consider is embroidery. You can get started with a kit like this for under $20 to learn the basics. This type of hobby is a slower process but it can be super rewarding to see the finished product

25. Paddle Boarding

I bought an inflatable paddle board while I was in college because it saved a ton of space. It ends up being a bigger initial investment but then you can find places to use it for free. This was a great way to get outside and cool off in the summer.

26. Chess

If you are someone who prefers a strategic hobby, chess would be a great option! You can find a partner and play a classic game of chess or download an app and start learning the rules.

27. Floral Arranging

Floral arranging has been on my hobby bucket list for a while. You can find local classes to learn all the fancy tips. However, Trader Joe’s has a ton of really cheap flowers. For $20 bucks you can get a bunch of options and make a custom arrangement for yourself or a friend.

28. Pilates

Pilates is another awesome way to challenge yourself physically. While you can watch youtube videos for free, you might consider taking a class. This can also be a great option for people looking to get more social and make friends with common interests.

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29. Pickleball

When I first heard about pickleball, I thought it was an activity for old people. Turns out it’s actually really fun. I played once with some friends and instantly became hooked! I got this cute two pack of paddles and have played weekly ever since!

This post was all about cheap hobbies in your twenties to try this year.

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