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What if you never had to choose between being the best student and living your best life?

My freshman year I quickly become completely overwhelmed with all the commitments I had. Not only was I taking a full course load, but I had to figure out how to manage a schedule that included a part time job, peer mentoring, student government meetings, friendships and a new relationship all while still having time to eat, sleep, and study. It felt like I never had enough time in the day and I would ultimately have to choose between being a good student or having a life outside of school. Sound familiar?

You really can have it all: be a kick ass student and still have a life outside of school


Maybe you know the feeling…

No Balance

You have a major lack of balance between your school and social life. You feel like you can only have one or the other.

Grades Suffering

You are so overwhelmed by your lack of balance that you end up procrastinating and now your grades are suffering. BIG TIME!

No Organization

You have no idea how to keep your life organized so you end up missing important assignments and events.

Then it all changed

By my senior year of college I found a way to effortlessly manage taking 16 credits while working 40 hours a week, be in a sorority, maintain a healthy social life, be in a relationship, and raise a puppy. And the best part? I graduated college with a 3.9 GPA in the middle of a pandemic – without losing my mind or sacrificing the things that are most important to me. 


The truth is that the 4 biggest mistakes college students make are…

Lack of a plan

You don’t have any sort of plan for your time. Instead, you fly by the seat of your pants and hope for the best.

no systems in place

You don’t have a system for keeping track of all of the important tasks and events in your life.

rely only on motivation

You rely solely on motivation to get shit done. And if it’s not there, you do nothing at all. 

no goals or priorities

You don’t have clear goals and priorities that drive your actions to get you where you actually want to be. 

Introducing Own Your Time!

An online course designed to help college women kick ass in school while still having a thriving social life!


Take a look inside

where does the time go?!

Learn what time management actually is and how you can create a schedule that works for you and your needs instead of letting your time slip through the cracks.

Get your life organized

Learn my foolproof organizational system to keep track all of your classes and assignments and find out how I never miss a single deadline or important event EVER! 

mastering your mindset

Learn the real reasons why you procrastinate and how to stop ASAP! Plus figure out how to never rely on motivation again by creating productive habits that serve you.

Interactive Lessons

Lesson videos and worksheets help you get the most out of Own Your Time and make you feel like you are getting a tough love chat from your BFF!

Master Your Time

Learn exactly how to make time work for you. Have a plan for your time that makes getting to work easy and allows you to work ahead – never feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day again!

loving my actual life experiment

Create Better Habits

Ditch your procrastination and have habits that actually help you get closer to your goals. Never rely on motivation ever again.

Imagine A life where…

You wake up every day with knowing exactly where every minute of your day is going

You raise your GPA without sacrificing the things that are important to you outside of school

You have a specific schedule and systems unique to you & your goals

You never have to choose between getting an assignment done or getting ice cream with the girls because you have time for both

You never have to worry about having enough time to do everything you want to 


What others are saying…

When the pandemic hit, I found the transition to online classes to be hard as procrastination, time management, and organization were things I struggled with. Own Your Time has provided me with step-by-step instructions that are super easy to implement. I HIGHLY recommend this course to ANY student who wants to own their everyday!!

This course helped me to get my schedule on track. I now prioritize my school work with ease and find Becca’s tips on creating the perfect workspace to be so helpful! I feel like I have more time now to enjoy my evenings after work instead of stressing about finishing my homework.


Hey Friend! I’m becca

I created Basically Becca Sue my sophomore year of college because I wanted to help young women navigate the everyday struggles of life. You see, I was once where you are – lost, overwhelmed, and trying to find a way to juggle all the things. 

Since then I have figured out how to manage my time with ease and even added more responsibilities to my plate throughout the years. Because of the systems I created, I was able to finish my senior year with a 3.9 GPA!

Now I am adamant about helping other college women succeed without sacrificing the things that are important to them. I am just a regular girl and if I can do this, you can too. 

about basically becca sue

Frequently Asked Questions


I feel ya! I am here to make your life easier, not harder. I have created this course in bite-sized pieces that are quick and easy to implement. Plus it was created for busy college girls by a busy college gal, so I get it. 


This course is made for college women who are completely overwhelmed with trying to juggle everything and need help figuring out a system that works for them. While it is geared toward online students (bc coronavirus) there are tangible steps that any college student can benefit from. 


This course is completely self paced, meaning there is no way for you to fall behind! You will have lifetime access to the course material so that you can work through the material at your own pace and return back whenever you need a refresher!

Will you keep stressing through life
or conquer college once and for all?

Stop stressing about college once and for all and secure a proven formula that has helped college women take control of their life in college!


Nothing to lose with our money back Guarantee

I know it can be scary to invest in yourself. I am so confident that this course will give you all the tools you need to live your best life and conquer college and there are plenty of students who will tell you it really works! . But you don’t have to take our word for it. You have 2 full weeks after you enroll to decide whether the course is for you or not. And if you don’t think it’s for you, just let me know before the two weeks are up, and I’ll give you a full refund.*

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