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Personal Soul Searching + How You Can Develop Personal Growth

This week I have been doing a lot of soul searching. It really got me thinking. I started my blog as an outlet for me to work through things in my life, but also as a way to help others going through the same things as me. However, I feel as though I have rarely shared what I am actually going through (like when I was feeling lost and lonely) or how others can find ways to cope with what they are going through. I began posting about things that I thought everyone else would like, which led me to stray away from my main goal: helping others.

This post is all about personal soul searching and how to improve your mental state.

During this week of soul searching, I’ve begun listening to podcasts. One of my favorites is by Sam Brown who runs Smart Twenties. I have followed Sam for a long time and have always loved her messages. In her podcast, she has been talking a lot about self doubt and perfectionism. These are two things that I suffer greatly from.

Every post that I want to create, I decide not to because I am afraid it won’t be good enough or that other people won’t like it. This happens especially when I want to address mental health topics. I convince myself that I am not qualified to talk about certain things and begin to have imposter syndrome. I wonder things like why would anyone listen to what I have to say? Or why do I think I am qualified to talk about this, what if no one relates? These questions that I ask myself are coated in self doubt. Even now, as I write this post, I am telling myself that it’s not good enough and I am coming up with a million different reasons why I shouldn’t post it.

Taking action is the first step to combating fear.

One thing that I have come to realize during my soul searching is that I don’t have to have everything completely figured out in order to talk about it and help others. Sometimes it can be much more beneficial for people to see where you are and how you got through it while you’re going through it.

Sam once said that action combats fear. This has encouraged me to truly go after what I want, no matter what. After watching the first three days of her YouTube series called 365 Days of Personal Growth, I was inspired to challenge myself and my own personal growth.

But instead of making this post all about myself, I thought I could include a few questions and tips for anyone else who wants to challenge themselves to do some soul searching or personal growth.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I have been asked this question countless times but never given it much thought. In 5 years do you want to be spending your days doing the same things you are today? Do you want to have a career? Will you want a family? Be as specific as possible so that you can set goals and take action in your soul searching.

Wake up 20 minutes earlier than normal

This has given me the perfect opportunity to spend more time reading my Bible, writing in my journal, and watching Sam’s personal growth video of the day. What are some things you want to do during the day that you feel like you never have enough time for? Maybe waking up a few minutes earlier will help you with that.

What do you talk about doing, but never do?

For me, I always talk about wanting to get on a schedule to manage school, blogging, and personal time. Have you wanted to travel but never acted on it? Why haven’t you done it? Actively think about this throughout the day while you are soul searching and truthfully answer why you haven’t done these things.

What would make you feel most fulfilled?

If you feel like something is missing in your life, think about what it could be. Have you been spending enough time actively trying to grow as a person or in your relationship with God? Do you hate the job you have and think another one would be a better fit? You don’t always have to stick to a plan (I’ve learned this the hard way). Figure out what’s missing and go after it!

Cut out anything unnecessary in your life

Over the last year I have become overly obsessed with social media. It got to the point where I was spending almost all my free time on it: while I was watching TV, as a way of avoiding homework or talking to people as I walked across campus, and even scrolling while people were talking to me. It wasn’t until I started comparing my life to my friends and feeling bad about myself that I realized how bad it had gotten. A few months ago I deleted my Twitter after realizing I didn’t talk to half the people I followed anyways. This has helped eliminate a lot of negativity. During your soul searching, decide what the main sources of negativity are in your life and eliminate them. Is there something or someone keeping you from growing? Are those things worth the complacency in your life?

How do you implement soul searching into your life?

I have always loved to write and sharing my story to help others only makes it that much better. I hope that you all continue to follow along with my on this journey and that these tips help at least one of you. Let me know in the comments how you implement personal growth into your life.


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