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Products For Your Dorm That You Will Actually Use

There are so many dorm supply shopping lists out there that it can be overwhelming for new college students who have no idea what products for their dorm they actually need. I remember when I was an incoming freshman, planning my move across the country, I had no idea what I would need. I did’t have a lot of money to spare but I wanted to make sure I had the essentials. The transition from living at home to moving into a dorm can be costly. So today I am sharing with you the products for your dorm that I think are essential for every college student.

These products for your college dorm are an absolute must! Whether you are an incoming freshman or returning student you need to add these products to your college packing list!
Check out these products for your dorm that you actually need!

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Clip On Fan


I have always been a hot sleeper. Growing up I would have a fan pointed directly at my face to keep me cool. This is an essential for dorm rooms for many reasons! First of all, your dorm room may not have air conditioning. If this is the case, you will have to depend on a window (if you have one) to cool off your room. Even if your dorm does have AC, your roommate might like to keep it warmer than you do. Having the clip on fan is a great solution. You are able to cool off your bed or area of the room, without having to worry about affecting your roommate.

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Extra Long Phone Chargers


This is one of those products for your dorm room that you never think about needing. My freshman year, I had my bed on risers. This made the outlet just far enough out of reach that I couldn’t be on my phone in bed while it was charging. I quickly realized that I needed to invest in longer chargers so my phone could be in reach (first world probs for real). I tried countless brands and found the best ones out there (linked above).



My dorm actually provided a vacuum for the hall to use but it was terrible! My roommate and I decided it was best to get our own mini vacuum that could easily be stored in our room. This little guy is very reasonably priced (UNDER $20) and will get the job done. Whether you have carpet or tile, I highly suggest getting one of these. I actually recently bought one of my own for my apartment and I use it every week! I also love that it can be used as a handheld vacuum to clean up the hard to reach areas.

Mattress Topper


Let’s be real, college beds are the worst! One of the products for your dorm that you absolutely need more than anything on this list is a mattress topper. I’m going to be honest, this is also one of the priciest things you will buy. I had this memory foam topper that literally transformed my old lumpy mattress into a heavenly cloud (not exaggerating it was the most comfortable bed I ever had). I love this one because it has a cooling gel in it that is perfect for hot sleepers!

Skinny Hangers


College closets are tiny! You may even have to split one with your roommate. When I got to school I quickly realized I would need to maximize my closet space as much as possible. I found these velvet hangers that are perfect for saving space! They are very thin so you can fit more in a small area. Plus they are nonslip! These are the only hangers I use now and I have converted my mom and boyfriend over to using them as well.

Cube Organizers


I am very practical so when I found this product I knew I had to have it. It is storage that can double as decor. It’s the perfect piece to throw things that don’t have a home. I had two cubes and used the middle space for some decor pieces to make my room feel more homey. If you turn it sideways it also works perfectly as under the bed storage! Don’t miss out on these products for your dorm room! PLUS they go on sale every year around the start of the school year at Target (and they’re already under $20)!

Command Hooks


I used these bad boys for everything! They work great for holding your towels, hanging up pictures, storage, and more! Pinterest has a million different dorm hacks using them and they are great! There are so many options that there is literally something for every need.

Extension Cord

products for your dorm-extension

There are plenty of options out there for extension cords but I recommend getting a surge protector one. They are a little bit more money but completely worth the extra protection they offer. You may not realize how many things have to plug in until you’re in the middle of writing a paper and your laptop has 3% and you don’t have an empty outlet to plug your charger into. Don’t risk this happening to you! I also love the ones that have USB ports so phone chargers don’t take up an extra outlet!

Clip On Lamp

products for your dorm-lamp

Like the fan, this is another essential. I loved having a clip on light by my bed for late night reading or homework. I was able to use this without disturbing my roommate while she slept. I also had a desk lamp and would recommend the clip on again and again! Odds are your desk has a built in lamp and the one you buy will take up space and collect dust.

A Bath Robe

products for your dorm-robe
If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you I lived in my bath robe. It is the perfect thing to throw on after a shower or while you are getting ready in the morning. I would even throw mine on over my pjs in the evening if I was cold. It might seem silly but this is definitely one of those products for your dorm that you need!

I hope that this list has helped limit some of the confusion on what you “need” to buy for your college dorm. You will use these products for your dorm often and never feel like you wasted your money. I would love to know if you have any holy grail products for your dorm so let me know in the comments below!


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