Here you will find products that I use and love. Most of these products are my RIDE OR DIES and I could not have survived college without them (not to be dramatic lol). These are the same products that I have frequently recommended to my friends and family.

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My All Time Favorite Products

1. 2″ Mattress Topper

College beds remind me of camp beds, bearable for a few days but not to live on! 2″ has always been thick enough for me but they also offer a 3″ topper.

I have bought this memory foam topper 3 different times, because I love it that much. Each time I have moved or changed bed sizes, I have gone back to this memory foam mattress topper. My little sister even stole mine when I moved out and my friend has purchased one too.

2. ID Holder Key Chain

As the queen of forgetting things, I swear by an ID holder that can hook to my keys. When I was a freshman I used Vera Bradley Zip ID Case and a long lanyard. However, my roommate recently got this one from Threads and it is less clunky and more minimal. These are perfect to keep your student ID and debit card in as well as your dorm key and car keys so you never forget anything.

3. Amazon Prime Membership

Did you know that with your student email you can get 6 months of Amazon Prime fo’ freeee?! After that it is half price for 4 years! I swear by Amazon Prime and literally buy everything from here. A Prime membership is great to get textbooks for cheaper, quick delivery on tons of things, and even groceries!

Get access to your Amazon Prime Membership Trial here

4. Bath Robe

Listen, bath robes are sooo underrated. Ask any roommate I have had since freshman year and they will tell you that I live in my robe. It’s ideal for walking from the community shower back to your dorm or even lounging in your room. You need one 🙂

5. Rakuten

If you are going to be doing a lot of online shopping, you NEED Rakuten. This website gives you cash back for shopping online at your favorite stores. The money is sent to you in either a check or via PayPal. Sound too good to be true? I promise, it’s not! It’s basically free money, which every college student can use.

Sign up for Rakuten here and see for yourself!

6. Journal

If you aren’t journaling yet… YOU NEED TO BE. omg I am seriously such an advocate for journaling. It’s seriously life changing. Anyways, I have this journal in every single color and get a new one every few months.

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