Apartment Living

These are all of my favorite products in my apartment. The products are divided up by room for easy searching. All of these are things I can’t live without and highly recommend for your first college apartment.


2″ Mattress Topper

This is one of my all time favorite things I have ever bought on Amazon. I have had 3 different ones – a new one each time I have moved or changed bed sizes. I can’t recommend this enough to give you maximum comfort and save you a TON of money. Most toppers are $75-$100 and this one is almost HALF of that!

Air PurifierĀ 

I started using an air purifier because I have a dog. However, you’d be amazed at how much dirt, dust, and nasty stuff is in the air. Especially if you are in an apartment with other roommates bc they contribute to the nastiness lol.


Instant Pot

I am a huge cook. I have alllll of the appliances imaginable. However, I think my favorite (besides my blender) is my Instantpot. I also love that there is a slow cooker option which eliminates the need for a crockpot. This is definitely not necessary for your college apartment. BUT if you love to cook, I can’t recommend an InstantPot enough!!


I have a smoothie almost every morning. This is my favorite blender because it only creates one dish (the one you make your smoothie in) instead of having to clean out a big container and separate blade and lid. I have had a few different blenders and this one is by far the best! Plus it doubles as a food processor which is good for making sauces or dressings.


This is the best kitchen tool ever. It allows you to dice, slice, grate, and spiralize! I use it to dice onion so I don’t get teary eyed doing it by hand. I also make zoodles with it and cut potatoes into french fries!! It’s amazing and everything sits in the glass container with a lid for easy storing!


Over the Toilet Storage

This is by far the best thing I recommend for your bathroom. I was struggling to fit everything under my sink no matter how organized it was. This was about $75 and I debated getting it for a long time. However I finally did it and can’t imagine my bathroom without it! There’s a cute bottom shelf to decorate and so much extra storage inside! Even my roommate bought one after seeing mine.

Living Room

Fire Stick

I have a Roku TV in my bedroom and still prefer the Amazon Fire Stick over it. It can be hooked up to any TV and allows you to have all the streaming apps. Plus you can add Spotify and play music through your TV!


Tool Kit

Okay this is totally random but every girl needs a tool kit in her first apartment. I got this one a few years ago and it has been great for basic things. There’s a ton of stuff included which makes it perfect for any around the house projects.