8 am class

Rise and Shine: How to Survive an 8 AM Class in College

Wondering how to wake up for your 8 AM class in college? Here is your survival guide for early morning classes!

8 am class

Ah, the dreaded 8 AM class—a rite of passage for many college students. While the allure of sleeping in may be strong, sometimes an early morning class is unavoidable.

But fear not! With the right mindset and strategies, you can not only survive but thrive in your 8 AM class.

Rise and Shine: How to Survive an 8 AM Class in College

1. Set a Consistent Sleep Schedule

It may seem obvious, but getting enough sleep is crucial for surviving an early morning class. Aim for at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night to ensure you’re well-rested and alert for your 8 AM lecture. Establish a consistent sleep schedule, avoid caffeine and screens before bedtime, and create a relaxing bedtime routine to help you unwind and prepare for sleep.

2. Set Multiple Alarms

Waking up early can be tough, especially if you’re not a morning person. Set multiple alarms at staggered intervals to ensure you wake up on time. Place your alarm clock or phone across the room to force yourself to get out of bed to turn it off. Consider using a gradual alarm that starts softly and gradually increases in volume to wake you up gently.

3. Create a Morning Routine

Establishing a morning routine can help you wake up and get moving more easily. Set aside time for activities that energize and prepare you for the day ahead, such as stretching, exercising, showering, and eating a nutritious breakfast. Avoid hitting the snooze button and resist the temptation to linger in bed—getting up and moving will help wake you up and kick-start your day.

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4. Stay Organized

Being organized is key to surviving an 8 AM class. Prepare for your morning the night before by laying out your clothes, packing your backpack, and gathering any materials you’ll need for class.

Keep your essentials, such as keys, wallet, and ID, in a designated spot so you can grab them quickly on your way out the door. Being organized will save you time and reduce stress in the morning.

5. Eat a Balanced Breakfast

I know a lot of people don’t love breakfast, but it makes such a difference!

Fuel your body and brain for the day ahead with a balanced breakfast. Aim for a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to keep your energy levels stable throughout the morning. Overnight oats, yogurt with fruit and granola, or a veggie omelet are all nutritious options to kickstart your day.

6. Stay Engaged in Class

Once you’ve made it to your 8 AM class, it’s important to stay engaged and focused to make the most of your time. Sit near the front of the classroom to minimize distractions and stay attentive during lectures.

Take notes, participate in discussions, and ask questions to stay actively involved in the material. Engaging with the material will help you retain information and stay awake during early morning lectures.

7. Stay Hydrated and Energized

Keep yourself hydrated and energized throughout the day to combat fatigue and stay alert in your 8 AM class. Drink plenty of water and bring a reusable water bottle with you to stay hydrated throughout the day. Pack healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, or granola bars to fuel your body and maintain energy levels during early morning lectures.

8. Reward Yourself After Your 8 AM Class

Finally, don’t forget to reward yourself for making it through your 8 AM class! Treat yourself to a special breakfast, coffee, or a leisurely walk around campus after class to celebrate your accomplishment. Acknowledge your hard work and dedication, and give yourself permission to relax and enjoy the rest of your day.

This post was all about how to survive your 8 AM class in college

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