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School Supplies You Need For College

I absolutely looooove back to school shopping (minus the spending money part). I am always looking for the best way to get organized and be the best student I can be. Shopping for school supplies is the first step in setting yourself up for success for the school year. Today, I am sharing my go-to school supplies that have helped me maintain my 3.9 GPA throughout college. Over the years, I have tried all different kinds of school supplies and am going to share my favorites. PLUS I’m having a giveaway, so find out how to enter at the end!!

College school supplies vary by student. Here are my go-to college school supplies

Student Planner

I have talked about the importance of planners countless times and I probably won’t be stopping any time soon. I know there are people out there that feel like they don’t benefit from planners, but please give it a try. Planners allow you to stay organized and keep track of all of your class assignments. You can also plan out life events and any other non-school related events.

School Supplies Planner

Notebooks & Extra Paper

I used to go for single subject spiral notebooks and get the cheapest ones I could find. The problem with these is that you have to carry multiple notebooks around each day. Since they are cheap, the covers usually rip from being taken in and out of my backpack. Additionally, if you forget a notebook or grab the wrong one, you are stuck without your class notes for the day and end up having to write notes in a different class’s notebook. This year I opted for a Five Star soft binder/notebook. I like these because you can add paper in multiple sections and never run out of space for notes. The tough cover also protects your papers from getting ruined. It also comes with dividers with pockets that you can keep any handouts including your syllabi.

school supplies notebook


I used to use folders that were color coordinated with the single subject notebooks I had. In these I kept all the handouts I was given as well as my syllabi. This year I upgraded to an accordion folder. I plan to keep only my syllabi in the front pocket of each subject in my notebook and file all other papers. Like the separate notebooks, folders tend to be forgotten and get thrashed easily. I believe this style of folder will be a much better option for me.

I did however get one folder for the days I need to take papers with me. This could be handouts I need to return or essays that are due in person. It may not be used frequently, but it’ll be nice to have one just in case.

Pens & Pencils

I feel like these are obvious choices. I opt for Paper Mate mechanical pencils. These last a long time and write great. Most important in my school supply haul are my G2 black gel pens. I use these for notes more often than pencils. The ink lasts longer and doesn’t smudge, even as a lefty (you lefties out there know the struggle)!! Finally, I get a big pack of colored pens. I use these to color code my planner and my notes. I find that adding color to my notes makes it easier to recall the information later on.

school supplies pens

Index Cards

I use index cards all the time. Studying for me is pretty difficult. I don’t have the best memory and need to pull out all the stops. Index cards serve as another way for me rewrite the information to commit it to memory. These are optional but I find them to be very helpful.

Sticky Notes & Tabs

I use sticky notes for the countless to-do lists I make throughout the week as well as notes. However, the sticky tabs are what I find to be most useful. Having different colored tabs makes reading textbooks a lot easier. I assign colors to key terms, questions, important notes, ect. This way I can return to pages with tabs while studying for easy reference.

School supplies cards


In the same way that I use colored pens and tabs, I like to have highlighters on hand for notes and reading. It’s nice to have a few different colors in your school supply arsenal.


What are some of your go to organization products or school supplies? Let me know!


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