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17 Effective Ways To Show Yourself Love

I am a firm believer in finding ways to show yourself love. Self care is great and everything, but I am talking about truly showing an appreciation for yourself more than a face mask and bubble bath (though I do love both of those things).

On this journey of personal growth, I have learned that you get what you put out there. So by showing yourself the love you deserve, you will literally attract more love into your life as well!

It is easy to want to wait for someone else to come along and love us but the truth is we can show ourselves love first.

This post is all about how to show yourself love and appreciation.

The Top Ways To Show Yourself Love

1. Stop negative self-talk

The first best thing you can do to show yourself love is talking nicer to yourself. If you continue the negative self talk, you will automatically have lower confidence. The things you tell yourself become the things you believe at yourself. Instead of saying mean things to yourself, try to positively affirm yourself instead.

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2. Get rid of clutter

I don’t know about you but when the space around me is cluttered, I feel like crap. One of the easiest ways to care for yourself is to keep the space around you clean. Start by making sure that everything around you has a designated space. Next, go through the things you don’t use or want anymore. Finally, clear the clutter on you tech like apps that have been forgotten about, emails you don’t need, and old downloads on your laptop.

3. Have random dance parties

Sometimes you just need to blast some music and dance in your apartment. This always seems to boost my mood and release the endorphins I need to cheer up. Plus, something about dancing around without a care in the world boosts my confidence and makes me appreciate the fact that I have a capable body to dance in.

4. Write yourself a love letter

What better way to show yourself love than to write yourself a love letter? Grab your journal and write everything you love about yourself. Thank your past self for everything she has gone through to bring you where you are and promise your future self that you will continue to show yourself love. Describe your favorite personality traits and your wildest dreams that you promise to keep because of the love you have for yourself.

5. Get out in nature

Fresh air will always do you some good. I find that just by being outside, I am automatically in a better headspace. By connecting with nature and having a deep appreciation for it, you are creating even more love in your life.

6. Journal your thoughts

Journaling is part of my every day morning routine. There are so many benefits to it and I feel so much better when I do. Each morning I write down 3 things I am grateful for, 3 positive affirmations, and any thoughts I am having in the morning.

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7. Do something you love, every day

It only makes sense that another way to show yourself love on a daily basis is to do something you enjoy doing. This could be dancing around the house, reading a book, drawing or even creative writing. I have made a list of things I love and do something on that list every day!

8. Enjoy a home cooked meal

A home cooked meal is the perfect way to show your body love. Instead of grabbing processed fast food, try cooking something at home. Not only will you cultivate a new skill doing this, but your body will feel great with some fresh food in it!

9. Unplug from technology

I don’t know about you, but constantly being on my phone and social media stresses me out. Try unplugging for a few hours or a full day once in a while and spend that time to show yourself love in another ways!

10. Listen to a podcast

A personal development podcast is a great way to practice self care. They can show you areas that you can work on or teach you new things about yourself. There are also a ton of podcasts that are more chatty that are great too!

11. Find a new hobby

Having a hobby is essential for a balanced life! Outside of school and work, what do you do that you actually enjoy doing? Instead of watching mindless TV today, why not find a new hobby that helps you enjoy your free time. I think it is so important to set aside time for hobbies in life so give it a try!

12. Move your body

Body movement releases endorphins aka makes you feel good. It is such an important part of showing yourself love. Doing yoga, walks, weight lifting, or any other form of body movement will make you feel better afterward!

13. Read a book

I always used say how much I hate reading. As a student I associated reading with textbooks and homework. But there are so many awesome books out there that are actually enjoyable! Reading is a great option for some alone time, especially if you pair it with a relaxing atmosphere.

14. Visualize and chase your dreams

This one is more of a long term way to show yourself love. But what better way to take care of yourself than to dream big, envision those dreams coming true, and then chasing after them until you have created a life you are obsessed with?! Life is way too short to live it doing things we are not excited about

15. Commit to healthy habits

While ditching bad habits can be a struggle, creating healthy ones is awesome! I added this as a way to show yourself love because the pride you feel after creating these habits contributes to the love you have for yourself. When you are proud, you are more likely to believe in yourself which can lead to so many more great things coming into your life.

16. Learn to say no

When you constantly say yes to everything and everyone around you, burnout will come quick. Learning to say no to things that don’t excite you or align with your bigger goals can be a great lesson to learn. The time that would have been spent doing something you didn’t want to do can now be used to do something else (possibly something on this list) to take care of yourself.

17. Laugh more

Finally, take time to laugh more. Like working out, laughing releases happy feelings throughout your body. There is literally science that shows that laughing reduces stress and improves your immune system. I have even heard of people who force themselves to laugh until it becomes a real laugh as a daily practice of self care. Give it a try!


We all deserve to feel loved, so why don’t we start showing ourselves the love that we need.

This post was all about how to show yourself love and self care.

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