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Spring Break Destination Ideas For Under $50 A Night Per Person

It’s been a while since winter break and you’ve been working hard this semester. It’s felt like a long winter and you deserve a break! That’s why I thought it would be fun to round up some fun spring break destination ideas. If you have been waiting until the last minute to book your travel, now is your chance! I know we are on that college budget and we’ve been working hard to save our money.

Sooooo, I have rounded up some fun little AirBnBs for you to choose from! Each of these rentals are perfect for three or more people and will run you under $50 a night per person! Get a group of friends together, pick a destination, and have a great spring break! Search AirBnB options by clicking on the pink headers or “my pick” for an easy choice! Note: all of “my picks” are entire homes instead of just single rooms for optimal privacy and fun:) 

Spring Break is around the corner for college students. Check out these budget friendly ideas for fun trips with your friends!

Havasu, Arizona 

Havasu is one of my happy places. There is something so enjoyable about spending your days floating on the lake all day. You can find private “beaches” where you can set up camp at and hang out all day. There are even some rental shacks where you can get paddle boards or seadoos for the day. Remember to pack lots of sunscreen because it gets hoooooot!

My PickThis AirBnB has 2 bedrooms and sleeps 4 people, and is only $75 a night! This home overlooks Havasu Springs and is only a mile from the river. Take some rafts and float on the river all day. With WiFi and AC you can have a relaxing evening after a day in the sun! Pack all your food ahead of time to save money cooking at the house!

Panama City, Florida

Panama City could be labeled the spring break capital. It is known for its big parties and busy beaches. This spring break destination gets booked early on, so it’s going to take some searching to find a place for an entire week. However, it’s doable. Staying in an AirBnB is a great option for people who want to be part of the action during the day, but need their beauty rest. The destination is great for warm water, making new friends, and loads of sun!

My PickThis studio apartment has 2 beds and sleeps 4. Plus, it only costs $63 a night! The apartment is only 4 blocks from the beach and 2 miles from shopping. It is a smaller space but it’s a perfect little getaway.

Charleston, South Carolina

If you would rather have a more peaceful vacation, this spring break destination is perfect for you. This is a perfect location for historical tours, waterfront walks, and beautiful buildings. This is a great alternative to the stereotypical beachy spring break.

My Pick: This beautiful house has 3 bedrooms and sleeps 7 people. For only $80 a night, it’s a perfect budget option for a larger group of friends! There are three olympic size pools in this neighborhood as well as fire pits. My favorite part of this house is the neighborhood has Food Truck Fridays EVERY Friday!

New Orleans, Louisiana

I have always wanted to make a trip to New Orleans. You can make this your spring break destination and have a blast! Check out the French Quarter, Garden District, and everything else New Orleans has to offer. Go to Muriels for a “haunted” restaurant experience, eat beignets at Café Du Monde, and see all the local talent at Jazz bars.

P.S. Thanks to my awesome cousin Ally for all the recommendations of things to do!

My Pick: This 2 bedroom house sleeps 5 people and only costs $62 a night. This house is only a 10 minute ride from the French Quarter. The host even includes the use of 4 bikes for their guests! This little pink house is waiting for you and your friends!


Last year I went to Ireland for my spring break. It’s not a traditional spring break destination, but it was such a blast. In March the weather in Ireland is still a little rainy and there aren’t many tourists around. It was a perfect time to go and the rain didn’t stop us. There are many breweries you can tour and a lot of historical buildings to see. You can read more about my trip and see what we did! In that post I talk all about what cities we traveled to and which AirBnBs we stayed at.

My Pick: My favorite city we traveled to was Kilkenny. However, the best place we stayed was just outside of Cork. The host made us breakfast every morning (homemade bread and fresh eggs) and shared the best things to do. This home provides 2 full beds perfect for 4 people at only $44 a night. Though it’s not a private home, you’ll have a whole floor to yourself.

No matter where you go, remember you are a guest. Respect the area and clean up after yourself! Where do you plan to travel for spring break? Let me know if you chose one of these places or where you already have planned!

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