Introducing The Complete Student Planner

Back to school month is coming to a close but the school year is just beginning. That means that students are still looking for the best ways to get organized. My number one priority every back to school season is finding the perfect planner. However, over the years, I have noticed that it is extremely difficult to find the perfect student planner for my busy schedule. Sooooo, to solve that problem, I created my own!

Today I want to share an inside look at The Complete Student Planner and explain how I use mine. I’m also sharing a limited time discount at the end of the post so be sure to check it out!

Every college student needs a student planner to keep them organized and help them get better grades.

What You Get In The Complete Student Planner

The Complete Student Planner comes in an hourly and horizontal version. I have chosen to create two different layout versions because I understand that every student has different needs. Having different options allows for you to pick what works best for you (my whole point in creating this student planner). The option to have either is ideal for students who have varying schedules, so the planner can cater to each student’s needs. Each student planner comes with a year at a glance page, space for important dates, inspirational quotes for each month, 12 full monthly calendars, 52 weekly planners, and plenty of space for notes.

How I Use The Complete Student Planner

I have created a planner that is perfect for students, so of course I also use it! As of right now, my schedule isn’t super crazy. I am taking 18 credits but I haven’t started a bunch of extra curricular activities. Because of this, I find that the horizontal layout is best for me right now. I mainly use it to make note of all of my assignments for each class. However, I love to have very structured days and plan to switch over to the hourly planner eventually.

Year At A Glance

The main purpose I had in creating this page was to be able to have a space to look ahead. I don’t actually write on this page, but I love to have it as a reference just in case. So many times professors mention dates in the future and I want to have a better idea of how far in advance that is or what day of the week it is. Instead of flipping to each individual month, I have them all in one spot!

Year at a glance student planner

Important Dates

I am notorious for forgetting important dates like birthdays, holidays, school breaks. This page is designed to help keep track of all the important dates that I often forget about.

important dates student planner

Monthly Overview

I find that it is very helpful to have a space to plan your entire month (as much as you can). I included   a monthly calendar for students to use as much or as little as they want. Being that the planner is US Letter size, there is plenty of space for any events you might need to make note of. There is also a place for notes on each monthly calendar.

Monthly calendar student planner

You can also find a monthly title page and inspirational quotes for every month. This was inspired by my bullet journal and I found that it helped me get motivated for the new month. With the simplicity of both pages, you can decorate them to your liking!

Weekly View

The horizontal layout is ideal for students who really only need their planner to track assignments. I created a large space for each day. I was tired of getting planners that didn’t have enough space for all of the assignments I had in a day. Each week also has space for any extra notes you need to make.

weekly student planner

If you like more structure to your day, the hourly layout is perfect for you. Each day covers 6am – 9pm for the busiest of bees.

Who Is This Student Planner For?

  • students of any age
  • people who haven’t been able to find the perfect planner to fit their needs yet
  • Individuals who love to customize their planners
  • Students that have an unpredictable schedule and need the option to move pages around and arrange them how they want.



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