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8 Must Have Habits of a Successful College Student

I know how overwhelming it can feel trying to figure out how to be a successful college student. Throughout my years in college, I have found some important habits that helped me succeed. I know that being a college student can come with a lot of difficulties. You are trying to figure out this whole “adulting” thing all while learning and working toward your degree and future.

Being in college allows you ample opportunities to grow and develop new habits. Some are good and some can be detrimental to your success. I did a ton of experimenting to figure out what led to me being a successful college student. So I have put together a list of the most important habits of a successful college student for you to benefit from!

This post is sharing tips on how to be a successful college student.

How To Be A Successful College Student

1. Be Organized

My number one secret to being a successful college student is getting organized. If you know where everything is, you will feel less overwhelmed and more prepared for success.

2. Set a Schedule

I have talked about how important time blocking is in the past. In fact, creating a schedule is the number one thing that helped me manage my time better to be a successful college student. Start by scheduling in your classes and work schedule. Add in free time and extra activities, then fill in the gaps with chores and random tasks.

3. Plan Ahead

A successful college student has an idea of assignments and tasks that are coming up. When you plan ahead, you are able to be more prepared and worry less about forgetting things. Planning ahead will also prevent time from magically disappearing on you throughout the week.

You can do this by designating one day a week to be your planning day. Brain dump all the assignments and tasks you have for the week and avoid any major surprises.

4. Attend Class

I truly believe that one of the most important habits of a successful college student is to go to class. Even the times that I found myself not paying attention in class, I still think I subconsciously took in some information more than if I wasn’t in class at all. It is much easier to review information than it is to completely teach yourself.

I realize that sometimes things happen and you have to skip class, but try not to make it a habit.

5. Take Care Of Yourself

You can’t expect to be a good student if you are burnt out. Some great ways to take care of yourself are to make sure you are spending time with friends, eating all your meals, and even practicing good hygiene. It’s easy to forget about the little things when you are in charge of yourself, so be sure to make it a priority.

6. Create A Routine

I attribute so much of my success to creating a routine in college. When I stopped rolling out of bed and heading straight to class and actually gave myself time to wake up in the morning, I found a lot of success. Some other routines can include a self care routine, night routine, and daily schedule.

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7. Take Breaks & Rest

Much like taking care of yourself, you need to remember to take breaks and rest. No one can be expected to be going 100% of the time and not burn out. If you are someone who constantly feels like you have to be doing something, try to schedule free time into your daily routine. I also love to use the Pomodoro Technique for taking breaks between periods of work.

8. Communicate With Your Professor

Your professor wants you to succeed. Sometimes it can be difficult for them to have a relationship with every student. So this requires you to put in some effort. Reach out to your professor with any questions you have on assignments, ask to meet in office hours, or confirm you actually are understanding the material correctly.

Remaining in a healthy communication with your professor can provide you with more opportunities than you might think. Maybe they recommend you for an internship or award. Or it could even be the difference between a letter grade.

Don’t be the student that only emails the professor with a BS excuse for why you missed an assignment.


Here are the best tips for successful college students to do well in school

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