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Surrendering to God: Practical Ways to Let Go and Trust in His Plan

Ever wonder how people make surrendering to God look so easy? Here are some practical tips to help you get started.

Surrendering to God is an act of faith and trust—a conscious decision to release control and place our lives, worries, and desires in His capable hands.

However, letting go and surrendering to God’s will is definitely easier said than done, especially when we’re accustomed to relying on our own strength and understanding.

If you’re anything like me when I first started pursuing my faith, the idea of surrendering to God seems nearly impossible. Maybe you’re even asking questions like “how do I even do that?!” Here are the practical things that will help you get started.

Surrendering to God: Practical Ways to Let Go and Trust in His Plan

What Does Surrendering To God Mean?

It’s probably best if we start by identifying what surrendering to God means. Once we have surrendered our lives to Christ (aka salvation) we must continually surrender to Him.

Our human nature is to want to do things our own way, which is often not what’s best for us.

Surrendering is what happens in a battle when one side gives up completely to the victor. When an army surrenders, they put down their weapons, and the winners take over. Surrendering to God is similar. It means we let go of our own plans and eagerly embrace God’s plan for our lives. The great thing is, God’s plan always has our best interests at heart (Jeremiah 29:11), unlike our own plans which can often lead to trouble (Proverbs 14:12).

Prayer and Meditation:

One of the most powerful ways to surrender to God is through prayer and meditation. Start each day by praying. Pour out your heart to God and express your desires, fears, and concerns.

Surrender your worries and burdens to Him, and ask for His guidance, wisdom, and peace. Practice listening in silence for His still, small voice and be open to receiving His guidance and direction.

Make it a practice to talk to him all day throughout the day. Talk to Him like he is your bestie sitting right beside you, because He is literally with you at all times.

Letting Go of Control:

Surrendering to God requires letting go of our need for control and trusting in His sovereignty.

Release your grip on the outcomes and relinquish the illusion of control over every aspect of your life. Acknowledge that God’s ways are higher than our ways and His plans are perfect, even when they don’t align with our own desires or expectations.

Surrendering control allows us to experience the freedom and peace that come from trusting in God’s goodness and faithfulness.

The second I realized that I was never really in control to begin with, this became so much easier. As a control freak, letting go of control is probably one of the hardest aspects of surrendering to God. Every day I have to pray “Your will be done” and remind myself that His way is always better.

Living in the Present Moment:

Often, our struggles with surrender stem from dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

Instead of fixating on what’s behind or what’s ahead, focus on living fully in the present moment. Practice mindfulness and gratitude by savoring the blessings and opportunities of each day, and trust that God is with you in the here and now, guiding and sustaining you every step of the way.

Seeking Wise Counsel:

Seeking wise counsel from trusted mentors, spiritual leaders, or fellow believers can provide valuable insight and perspective as you navigate the journey of surrender.

Surround yourself with individuals who can offer encouragement, support, and accountability, and be open to receiving guidance and wisdom from those who have walked the path before you.

This can be hard sometimes because it also requires you be open to correction. However, sometimes it takes a loved one telling you that you might be wrong to actually see it.

Walking in Faith and Obedience:

Surrendering to God requires faith and obedience—a willingness to step out in faith and trust Him even when the path ahead seems uncertain or challenging.

Embrace opportunities to exercise faith by stepping out of your comfort zone, taking risks, and obeying God’s promptings, even when they require sacrifice or vulnerability. Remember that obedience to God’s will leads to greater blessings and fulfillment in the long run.

Finding Strength in Scripture:

Draw strength and encouragement from the promises and truths of Scripture as you surrender to God’s plan for your life.

Meditate on passages that speak to God’s faithfulness, sovereignty, and love. Allow His Word to renew your mind and transform your perspective. Take comfort in knowing that God is with you, fighting for you, and working all things together for your good.

Practicing Surrender Daily:

Surrendering to God is not a one-time event but a continual process of letting go and trusting Him day by day. Make surrender a daily practice by intentionally releasing your worries, fears, and desires to God each morning and committing to walk in obedience and faith throughout the day. Cultivate a posture of surrender in every area of your life, and watch as God’s peace, joy, and provision overflow in abundance.

Surrendering to God is a transformative journey of faith and trust—a conscious decision to release control and embrace His plan for our lives.

By practicing prayer and meditation, letting go of control, living in the present moment, seeking wise counsel, walking in faith and obedience, finding strength in Scripture, and making surrender a daily practice, we can experience the freedom, peace, and fulfillment that come from entrusting our lives to God’s loving care. May we surrender anew each day, confident in His faithfulness and grace to carry us through every season of life.

This post was all about how to surrender to God in practical ways.

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