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The Best Weekly Apartment Cleaning Schedule For A Spotless Home

Cleaning can seem like a daunting task, especially when we are so busy with other things. I have found that having a weekly apartment cleaning schedule helps keep things clean. I have mastered a cleaning routine in college that only takes about an hour a week! And today I am going to walk you through it step-by-step 😀

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This post is shows you how to have a college apartment cleaning schedule that doesn’t take all day.

There are a ton of weekly cleaning schedules out there that are just totally unrealistic for college students. Like who the heck has an entire day to clean their apartment?! Not me. So I have mastered a cleaning routine that goes by super quick!

A Super Easy Weekly Apartment Cleaning Schedule

1. Start washing bedding

Start the weekly apartment cleaning schedule by stripping your bedsheets and getting them started in the washer. I wash the sheets and pillow cases weekly and I wash my duvet cover once a month. After the sheets are taken off the bed I also like to spray my bed down to freshen it up a little – it’s actually surprisingly one of the dirtiest places in your apartment.


2. Pick up all clutter

Once I have started the first load of laundry, I walk around the apartment and pick up clutter. My main focus during are things on the floor (my dog’s toys, shoes, and clothes mainly). As I am walking around if I see something that belongs in the room I am going to next I will grab it and put it away as I go.

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3. Spray shower walls and toilet bowl

Right after I pick up all the clutter I head to the bathroom to spray down the shower walls and toilet bowl. Before you spray down the shower I recommend removing anything you have along the ledges of the shower. You want to let this sit for a few minutes to really let the products work their magic. So just spray and onto the next thing.

4. Dust

I like to quickly dust around the apartment (I mean like SUPER quick). The main places I focus on are:

  • Bedroom
    • Night Stands
    • Dresser
    • TV
    • Blinds (sometimes
  • Living Room
    • TV
    • End Table
    • Entertainment Stand

5. Vacuum or sweep

Now that the floor is free of any clutter, go through the entire apartment and vacuum or sweep. Start in one room and make your way through the space. I find it easiest to start in the back of the apartment and follow the flow of the apartment until you make it to the front door. While my focus is mainly on carpet and bedroom, I use the vacuum for every space because I hate sweeping lol.

A great apartment vacuum:

6. Switch loads of laundry

At this point your bedding should be done washing. Switch them over to the dryer and at this point you can either do a load of towels or clothes.

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7. Finish cleaning bathroom

Now that the cleaning products have had a chance to sit for a while, we are headed to finish off the job. Use a sponge and scrub down each of the walls and the shower head. Then turn the water on and move the shower head around to rinse off the walls. At this point you can put all your shower stuff back where it goes.

Now you can scrub the inside of the toilet bowl with a brush. After you finish with that, flush the toilet and clean the base. I go back and forth between Clorox wipes or an all purpose cleaner and paper towels. You want to make sure you wipe down the seat (both the top and under it) and the ceramic base that collects a ton of dust for some reason.

Wipe down the counters and sink, focusing on around the faucet area. If needed, you can also clean the mirror but I don’t do this every week. Finally, finish off the bathroom by mopping the floor and taking out the trash.

8. Clean the kitchen

Continue your weekly apartment cleaning schedule by tackling the kitchen because you’re on such a roll. Start by washing the dishes and putting them away (or throw them in the dishwasher). Once all the dishes are handled, wipe down all of the counters with an all purpose spray. Take a minute to really clean behind the faucet area (this can get surprisingly NASTY). Wipe down the sink and the outsides of the major appliances. Finish off the job by mopping the floor and taking out the trash.

9. Make your bed

After you have spent a while cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, your sheets should be dry. Switch your second load of laundry over to the dryer while you are there. Reassemble your bed with your fresh sheets (my fave feeling tbh).

10. Put clothes away

There is a little gap here between making your bed and putting your clothes away because you have to wait for them to dry. Once they are done, head straight to your room and put them away. For real, don’t let them sit in your hamper for another week.

This post showed the perfect college apartment weekly cleaning schedule.

There you have it, a super quick weekly apartment cleaning schedule that keeps your space spotless without losing your mind!

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