Kickstarting My Wellness Journey In College

I have gotten countless requests from you guys to start sharing about health and fitness in college. I’ve been putting it off, because truth be told, I don’t do much to stay active other than walk Benji twice a day. Soooo, I decided to take it a step further and focus on wellness as a whole. Starting with how I kickstarted my wellness journey in college.

are you a college student that has been wanting to get healthy? Find out how to start a wellness journey in college.

I have noticed that a lot of people think of being healthy and fit as one in the same. However, fitness is only one aspect of a person’s wellness journey in college. So I thought it would be helpful if I started talking about health and wellness on here (which might include fitness once in a while). I am by no means an expert in any of these areas and encourage you to seek professional help if health is a concern to you.

With that said, I want to share with y’all how I got started on my wellness journey a month ago and plan to continue working toward my health and wellness goals. I had been wanting to make some changes to my lifestyle for a while but always pushed it off. I was struggling with stomach pain and bloating after eating anything. So I wanted to find a way to eat cleaner and feel better without giving up all the foods I knew and loved. Then I found the Arbonne 30 Days To Healthy Living challenge and it changed my life.

The Basics

You might be wondering how the heck I kickstarted my wellness journey. Well, I started with a cleanse. So what is this program all about? How does it work? Basically, The 30 day cleanse is a program that helps you kickstart a healthy lifestyle while detoxing your body of all of the bad “stuff” that is already in there.

On this cleanse you eliminate gluten, dairy, sugars, alcohol, “acidic” foods, and most carbs/starches. You add in “alkaline” foods, lots of veggies, and solid lean proteins. Then you replace a meal or 2 a day with their shakes. After the 30 days, you slowly integrate these foods back in to your diet. You also learn to live an 80/20 lifestyle because we all love to splurge once in a while 😉

How Is It Different From Any Other Cleanse?

I was a major skeptic when I was first introduced to this cleanse. In fact, I almost didn’t do it at all. However, the quality of the products that Arbonne creates are top notch and unbeatable. This cleanse is nothing like a diet. It introduces you to a healthy lifestyle that you learn to maintain far longer than you would any diet.

Arbonne’s products are vegan, gluten-free, soy and dairy free, botanically based, non-GMO, and are never tested on animals. They are also made with all natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners or flavoring.

How Does It Work?

When I decided to do the cleanse and get started on my wellness journey, I knew I would need a lot of guidance. I was uneducated about what was good for my body and why I should even do a detox in the first place. This program makes it as easy as possible to get healthy. When you purchase your program kit, you get all of the products you will need for the next 30 days.

In Your Kit:
  • Protein Powder: 2 bags (60 servings) that you will use for your shakes each day.
  • Digestion Plus: Includes prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes for optimal digestion
  • Daily Fiber: added to shakes to keep you full for longer and supports regularity
  • Herbal Detox Tea: contains all natural herbs that support your kidneys and stomach in the natural detox process
  • Fizz Sticks: All natural source of energy that enhances cognitive performance, reduces fatigue, and promotes endurance
  • 7 Day Body Cleanse: used to support gentle elimination of toxic metals and other harmful toxins

In addition to your kit, you are provided with a private Facebook group for support, free recipes and grocery lists. You also get one on one coaching with your sponsor to help you along your journey. You are also provided with educational material that helps you understand why you are eliminating certain foods and how you can take care of your body better.


Each week you are given a meal plan and grocery list to make it easy for you to stick with the cleanse. I used every Sunday to meal prep all my dinners for the week. Every morning when I woke up I would have my digestion plus and a detox tea with a fizz stick. Then I would make a smoothie for breakfast and one for lunch. For dinner I would heat up one of my dinners and enjoy:)

My Results

Though I did not do the cleanse to lose weight, it was a nice perk of getting healthy. Before I share my before and after pictures, I want to share the bigger takeaway. I now have a much better understanding of what I should be putting in my body and the concept of how food benefits my body. I have an overall better appreciation for wellness and have created a lifestyle that I plan to keep for years to come. However, losing 11 pounds in the process was a nice benefit:)

So now my results: I am a little scared to share these. It has taken a lot of courage to put these out in the world but I want to show you how well the program worked for me. These results are with no exercising other than walking my pup every day. But I can’t wait to add in some more physical activity to see even better results!

wellness journey in college results

How Can You Get Started?

If you have been looking for a way to kickstart your wellness journey in college, I highly recommend you give this a try! When you sign up as a preferred client you will get a discount on your kit, 20-40% off other products all year long, a FREE gift up to $100 value, and free shipping! If you are interested in getting started, feel free to message me or you can learn more here!

Disclosure: I loved the program so much that I signed up as a consultant to help other people get healthy and change their life! With that being said. I love the products sooooo much and I would probably be sharing my results regardless of if I was a consultant or not.

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