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Words Of Affirmation That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

It’s easy to talk about things we love: Netflix, cats, pizza and burgers. What isn’t always easy is to talk about the way we need to be loved. One of my favorite exercise to do in a relationship is the Love Languages quizIf you aren’t sure what that is, it derived from a book written by relationship expert Gary Chapman. He identifies the five love languages as Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, and Physical Touch.

Are you struggling in your relationship? Check out these tips on how words of affirmation can strengthen it now!

This post is all about words of affirmations and how they can benefit your relationship.

Each person has a different style of love (or the way you want to receive love), and knowing which style you are can be beneficial for your current or future relationship. Taking the quiz at the beginning of any relationship can be extremely beneficial. It’s important that you learn each other’s love language so that you can love each other the best to your ability. If your significant other doesn’t know your love language but you expect them to love you in the way you want, it could lead to arguments or tension in the relationship.

I highly recommend you read the book and take the quiz, both linked above. If your love language is words of affirmation, you enjoy when your loved ones give you compliments and tell you what they love and appreciate about you. You like it even more when they tell you why they feel those ways about you.

If you know what your love language is, and it happens to be words of affirmation, this post will be great for you. Even if you don’t have words of affirmation as your love language, it is still beneficial for you to know some words of affirmation so that you can speak positivity into the lives of your loved ones.

Here Are 20 Words of Affirmations

  1. Thank you for all that you do
  2. I’m so lucky to have met you
  3. You make me a better person
  4. I am so proud of you for chasing you dreams
  5. You inspire me
  6. I really appreciate you when you do…
  7. Thank you for working so hard
  8. You are amazing
  9. Thank you for helping me
  10. You make me feel safe
  11. I don’t know what I would do without you
  12. You bring out the best in me
  13. I have so much fun with you
  14. You bring me so much joy
  15. I couldn’t have done this without you
  16. Thank you for caring
  17. You make me stronger
  18. I really admire your inner strength
  19. You make me so happy
  20. Thank you for helping provide for us
  21. You’re an incredible person
  22. You never stop giving
  23. Thank you for standing by me
  24. I wouldn’t want any other life than the one I am living with you.
  25. You’re my best friend

10 Bonus Affirmations

  1. Thank you for supporting my dreams
  2. I am so happy to call you mine
  3. You mean the world to me
  4. I am blessed to have you in my life
  5. You inspire me
  6. I am proud of you because…
  7. Did I tell you how grateful I am that you are my partner?
  8. I am here if you need me. I’m always in your corner supporting you.
  9. I’m the happiest when you make me laugh.
  10. Thank you so much for your sacrifices

I hope that you find these words of affirmation helpful. Don’t worry if this love language doesn’t come natural to you (it doesn’t for me), you will get better at it. Let me know in the comments what your love language is or if you have any other words of affirmation!

*This post contains an affiliate link to the love languages book. This means that if you decide to buy the book, I get a small percentage. If you would like to know more, you can read my disclosure.





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